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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Flower Meadow]
Pearl I can't believe that went so well!
Amethyst That was kinda great when you hit it with your spear and it went, like, "bing-bong!" *makes explosion sounds*
Pearl *blushes* And the way you were circling around it? Almost looked like strategy.
Amethyst *laughs and blushes* Well, you know, I can do that stuff, too.
(Garnet emerges from a meadow bubbling and warping a gemstone, Steven follows with a runny nose and eyes.)
Steven Wait up! *out of breath* Sorry I couldn't help much, I think the flowers are making me— *sneezes on Garnet's hip* Sorry, Garnet.
Garnet I'll live.
Pearl Oh, Steven, you're supposed to sneeze into your antecubital fossa.
Steven My what?
Pearl Your... this thing. *points to inner elbow*
(Steven looks at his elbow as they warp out.)
Steven *gasping* Ah-ahh!
Amethyst Do it at Pearl! *points at Pearl*
Pearl Steven, your fossa!
Steven Ah-CHOO! (Steven is propelled upward and his head sticks out of the warp stream.)
Pearl Oh!
Steven Waah! Wha? *breathing heavily* Whoa.
(Steven floats partially out of the warp stream and is able to see Warp Space. He then sees another warp stream carrying a small object.)
Steven Huh? Waah!
Pearl *pulling Steven back into the stream* Careful! It's dangerous to stick your head out of the stream!
Garnet There's not much air, and it's very cold. *flicks frozen snot off Steven's nostrils*
Steven You guys, I saw something out there!
Pearl What?
Steven Something warping!
Pearl Steven, that's not possible. Is your vision blurry from the pollen?
Steven I can see perfectly, *squints* Pearl. I know there's something out there!
Garnet There's nothing out there, Steven. There hasn't been anything else for a long, long time.
[Time Skip—nighttime] {Trans. Int. the Beach House]
(Steven is lying in bed staring at the ceiling.)
Steven *beginning to fall asleep, he snaps himself awake* Ugh! Uh... *looks at Warp Pad*
(The refrigerator door opens.)
Steven Aaah! Amethyst!
Amethyst *munching* Hey, Steven! Want some macaroni cheese? *munching continues*
Steven *sighs* *refrigerator door closes* W-wait! I can't sleep.
Amethyst Why? *licks macaroni cheese off hand* Are you scared of that thing you saw warping right into the house and attacking you in your sleep?!
Steven ... No...
Amethyst Oh, good! Good. Nighty night! Don't let the warp monster bite! Pffft! *loud laughter as she reenters her room*
Steven *sighs* Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight. *reloads water gun*
[Time Skip—next morning]
(Steven is asleep, leaning against the front door, water gun in hand.)
Pearl *sing-song* Steven~ *poking Steven* We've got a surprise for you...
Steven Aah! Aghh! *sprays Pearl*
Pearl Gah! *falls on floor*
Steven Oh, Pearl.
Garnet *standing next to Pearl, holding a tray of cookies* Now you're not getting any cookies.
Amethyst Cookies?! I'll take 'em!
Garnet *whistles*
Amethyst *grabs tray of cookies and munches them*
Garnet Slow down, Amethyst.
Steven I'm sorry, Pearl. I just, I guess I didn't...
Garnet Didn't sleep. (She has finger on chin pensively.)
Steven *yawns* Maybe.
Pearl Oh, Steven! *wipes water out of eye* This isn't about the thing you think you saw outside the warp stream yesterday, is it?
Amethyst *throws tray, making a clang sound*
Steven But it was real! Something was warping somewhere in the warp!
Pearl *puts both hands on Steven's cheeks* Listen. Nothing on Earth can use the warps but us. Do you understand? (Steven looks away.) Steven, nod in agreement if you understand. Nod in agreement—
Garnet I'm confident Pearl is right. *both look at Garnet* But if it'll make you feel better, we can just go check.
(Steven removes Pearl's hands off of his cheeks and nods, smiling gratefully.)
(Steven warps the gems back to the meadow.)
Garnet Nothing unusual.
Steven Ah-ahh - Ahh-choo!
Garnet Bless you.
(Steven warps the gems to the geode.)
Pearl Nothing here, either. And the geode is holding nicely.
(Steven warps the gems to the Sky Spire.)
Amethyst Whoa! Now that's something!
(Steven Jr. is seen nearby with kids.)
Amethyst Heh. Steven Jr.'s been busy. *laughs* This makes you a grandpa!
Garnet *rubs Steven's head gently* Congratulations.
Steven Hey! We're getting off task here!
Pearl We've looked all over! There's nothing out here to find!
Steven *mumbles and rolls eyes* But you're wrong..
Pearl Excuse me?!
Steven *looks at Pearl* I-I mean.
Pearl Nothing on Earth can use these warps but us!
Steven Well, what if it came from space?
Pearl I-... don't appreciate your tone.
(Steven warps with the gems to the Galaxy Warp.)
Pearl *walks towards to the Homeworld warp* These are the warps that once connected us to other planets. If something tried to come from space, it would be through here. But wait! This warp pad is broken, marked inactive by the very depressed cartoon breakfast sticker you placed here yourself!
Amethyst *walks up to Steven* Look, Pearl's right, like usual. Ugh! You get used to it.
Garnet *places hand on Steven's head, Steven grabs it and looks up at her* We're safe.
Steven *looks at Homeworld warp* Well, I guess so.
(Steven places his hand beside the Crying Breakfast Friends sticker, unhappy.)
(All sigh in relief.)
Amethyst Oh, man! Finally! That took all day.
Garnet It was important to make Steven feel secure.
Pearl Yes, Steven feels much better now.
(Steven gets angrier as they speak. He gets up and faces the Gems.)
Steven I'm a little tired... of you guys telling me how I feel! I know I saw something outside the stream!
Pearl And I know you didn't!
(Steven gets upset.)
(Pearl and Steven argue.)
Pearl You don't tell me - what I already know!
Steven Why is it so hard to just "listen to Steven"? You don't care what I have to say! You just want to do it your way!
(Amethyst and Garnet both look at each other.)
(Amethyst and Garnet look at Steven and Pearl.)
Amethyst Uh, this is new. I kind of like it.
Pearl *rolling her eyes* Steven, you just don't know what you're talking about.
Steven It sounds like, maybe, you don't know what I'm talking about!
Pearl *frustrated* Ugh!
Garnet *getting in between them* Okay, Steven, that's enough. Let it go.
[Int. the Beach House]
(Amethyst's door opens, Amethyst walks in and sees Steven sitting in front of the warp pad.)
Amethyst *friendly* Hey, dude.
(Steven looks up at Amethyst then back to the warp pad.)
Amethyst *walks up to Steven* You still on about that thing in the stream?
(Steven shrugs.)
Amethyst Uh, what'cha eating? *points at a bowl of macaroni*
Steven Macaroni and nothing. *eats macaroni*
Amethyst Ugh. Whatever. *starts walking towards door* We can hang out again when you stop being such a sad sack. *closes door*
Steven Ugh! Why am I doing this? Fine. I give up! Steven was wrong and everyone else was right! Nothing's going to come through that warp pad!
(Flask Robonoid crashes through ceiling.)
Steven *gasps* *laughing* You were the thing in the warp stream! *looking at the hole in the ceiling* You did come from space! *gasps* You're trying to get to the warp pad, aren't ya? (The robot tries to get around Steven.) Amethyst, come back! (The robonoid knocks him back and lands on his chest.) Oof! I knew it! I did see something! Guys! I was right! (The robonoid tries to shoot Steven with a green goo.) Waah! Guys! Come on! Check this out! (It continues to attack him.) Ow! Unh! (Steven grabs one of its legs and throws it at the warp pad.) Aah! Sorry! Huh?
(The robonoid, now cracked, fixes the crack it made in the warp pad with its goo, then activates it.)
Steven Oh, no, you don't! (Steven leaps onto the robot.) Garnet! Amethyst! Pe-e-e-arl!
(The warp activates.)
Steven Where are you going?! Huh? (More flask robonoids appear.) Y-you're coming from all over? (They all start to push Steven.) Ow! Hey! Stop it! Whoa!
(Steven's head is forced out of the stream, he looks out and sees a dozen other warp streams carrying robonoids.)
Steven Unh! Huh? *trying to force his way back in* I won't let you— Unh!
(Steven is forced out of the stream and floats away, still clutching a robonoid.)
Steven *gasping for breath, then shivering* I was right. *chuckles weakly* And now I'm gonna die... a tired, frozen little... sad sack. *hears warp stream activating* Huh?
(Garnet grabs Steven as he floats, Steven shivers then gasps for air while holding on to Garnet.)
Garnet Take deep breaths. *picking up the robonoid* So, this is what you saw.
Steven *tearfully* I don't care about that!
Garnet I do. *adjusts her visor* I should've listened to you. *smiling* You're a Crystal Gem, too.
(Steven grins at Garnet gratefully.)
Pearl Steven, *catching up to them in the warp stream* are you okay?! Amethyst heard the Warp Pad activate, and Garnet said you were floating outside the stream and *looks at the Flask Robonoid* Uh... What is that?
Steven You don't know?
Amethyst Whoooah, that thing's far out.
Steven It's some kind of space robot. There were tons of them! And it looked like they were all going to the same place.
(Steven and Gems arrive at the Galaxy Warp, the robonoid drops on the ground and walks up towards the Homeworld warp. All robonoids are shooting goo on the Homeworld warp, the Gems run towards them.)
Pearl What are they doing to the Homeworld warp?!
Amethyst There's a million of them! (The robonoids back off as the Homeworld warp appears good as new.) They fixed it?!
Steven *looks at Amethyst* What does that mean?
(Pearl cuts between Garnet and Amethyst.)
Pearl *gasps* I... don't know!
(The Homeworld warp activates, all gasp.)
(Garnet grabs the Gems and hides behind a tall rock.)
Garnet *grunts* Huah!
(Unidentified gem arrives, looks around, and gently stomps on the Homeworld warp.)
Unidentified gem Hmm.
Pearl *whispering* Who is that?
Garnet *whispering* No idea.
Peridot *opening a screen* Log date 3 1 2. This is Peridot, performing Earth hub maintenance check. (A robonoid crawls up on to her shoulder.)
Steven Peridot. Her name is Peridot! (Pearl and Amethyst cover his mouth.)
Peridot Warp repair a success. All 79 flask robonoids deployed and accounted for. Preparing to locate and manually reactivate Kindergar— *gasps*
(The damaged robonoid tries to crawl up her leg, then lies down and rolls back and forth.)
Steven Aww. The little ones are like her babies.
(Peridot, annoyed, steps on the robonoid and pushes on it until it pops.)
Steven *gasps* (Steven covers his mouth as Amethyst and Pearl raise their hands, Steven waves his hand at both of them and gets back down.)
Peridot Now to access the domestic warp. (She walks down the stairs.) Huh? *picks up the Crying Breakfast Friends sticker* Huh. *looks around* This site may have been compromised. *walks back on the Homeworld warp and places a green bleeping stone as she warps*
(The stone explodes and all of the robonoids deactivate.)
Pearl *fearful* They're coming back! I can't do this! *covers her face with hands* Not again!
Amethyst We're dead! We are so dead!
Steven Was that another gem? Where did she come from? What was she trying to do? (Garnet starts to walk up towards the Homeworld warp.) Huh?
Garnet It doesn't matter. *summons giant gauntlets*
Steven and Amethyst Whoah...
(Everyone stares at Garnet as she smashes the Homeworld warp.)
Garnet *grunting* She's not coming back!

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