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Watch Your Step, Steven! is the fourth Steven Universe game, formerly playable on the Cartoon Network Asia website. The objective of this game is to collect the Crystal Gems' gems and to avoid collecting the Homeworld Gems' gems while at the same time avoiding Centipeetles.


Play the latest Steven Universe game, Watch Your Step, Steven on Cartoon Network. Move around the board collecting gems, being careful to dodge the creatures out to get you. See how many points you can collect before you get caught!




How to Play

  1. Collect Crystal Gems to earn points!
  2. Don't collect Homeworld Gems or else you'll lose points!
  3. Swipe anywhere to move Steven from tile to tile.
  4. Avoid Centipeedles or else it's game over!


  • Swipe and hold to move Steven faster!
  • Keep an eye out for the Rose Quartz. This will give you a shield against the Centipeedles
    • Collect it quickly before it disappears!


Watch your step steven pearl error.png

  • Pearl's outfit in the game is a combination of her pre-regeneration outfit and her post-regeneration outfit; the top part being a part of her pre-regeneration outfit, and the lower part being her post-regeneration outfit.


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