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The Water Clones are antagonists in "Ocean Gem". They are water clones of the Crystal Gems, and were made and controlled by Lapis Lazuli. They were later destroyed by the vibrations from Steven's shield.

Water Garnet

Water Garnet is a clone of Garnet. It has the ability to copy and repeat in almost-perfect time every move Garnet does, except for when Garnet punched the clone, dismounting its head. Due to being made out of water, it quickly reformed its face, and kicked the true Garnet into the sand. Its gauntlets are made of ice, making them strong like the real ones, or nearly as strong.

Water Amethyst

Water Amethyst is a clone of Amethyst. It can quickly deflect Amethyst's attacks, such as the rocks Amethyst was throwing at her with her whip. The way it deflected them resembles Amethyst's shapeshifting, as Water Amethyst was constantly changing forms to deflect. Amethyst also tried to defeat the clone as Purple Puma, but she failed, and is later seen tied with her own whip while the clone sits upon her.

Water Pearl

Water Pearl is a clone of Pearl. It fought Pearl using a similar spear made of water. When Pearl finally got to tear her clone apart, the clone showed the ability to multiply itself (as it is made out of water), turning into two water Pearls, which resulted in Pearl summoning a second spear.

Water Steven

A clone of Steven. It was the first to attack one of the Crystal Gems, by grabbing Steven by his shirt and punching him away, while speaking in Lapis' voice. It shows the ability to shapeshift its hands, stretching them, and being able to create a blob of water, almost drowning Steven and Connie. It was hit by Greg's Van, but it later launched the van away, breaking Greg's leg. It got Steven to summon his shield for the second time by launching a high pressure-water ball at him.


"Ocean Gem"

All of the water clones appeared, being created by Lapis Lazuli to fight the Crystal Gems.


  • Compared to the Crystal Gems, they are opposite handed.
  • It appears their weapons are made of ice.
  • They seem to be equal or nearly equal in power to the gem they are a clone of.




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