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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Ext. It's A Wash]
(Steven and Greg are sitting outside the building and eating watermelons.)
Steven *spits out a seed and it lands on his cheek* Look, Dad! I'm Amadeus! *in a German accent* My father, he disapproves of me!
Greg Ha! Well check this out.
(Greg takes a bite on his watermelon, closes his eyes, and spits out two seeds. The seeds land on his eyelids, forming pretend-eyes.)
Greg Ta-da! (Steven laughs) Betcha can't top that.
Steven Bet I can.
(Steven blows the seed off his cheek and bites into his watermelon. He stands up. takes a deep breath and spits a seed, knocking a can off a cone faraway. Greg is shocked.)
Steven *raises arm in triumph* Haha! Beat that!
Greg Haaa... That was impressive, my son. But the name of the game ain't distance nor accuracy.
Steven It ain't?
Greg No Steven, this challenge is all about who can spit the coolest. Allow me to demonstrate.
(Greg chews on a watermelon slice and places on it on the ground. He winks at Steven and then hunches over. He then spits three seeds between his legs into the watermelon slice, which flings them back over him and he catches them in his hand.)
Steven *applauds* Wow, Dad! *sees that Greg is not responding* Uh... Dad? You okay?
Greg *hunched over* ...Help me, son! (Steven helps to straighten his back and he falls backwards onto his seat, groaning heavily.) ...Beat... that.
Steven What?! You're asking for it! *proceeds to eat several watermelons* You're really asking for it! *pauses* Hurricane... Spin... Spiiiiiiit!!! *twirls and spits watermelon seeds everywhere, even on Greg* My hurricane spin spit is unbeatable!
Greg *shocked* By jove! It's full of seeds!
Steven Dad?
Greg Congratulations, son. You win by a mile. *starts to make a crown out of a watermelon slice and puts it on Steven's head* I crown thee, Your Water-Melojesty. *bows, and Steven bows back* My liege.
(Steven and Greg start laughing uncontrollably.
[Time Skip — Next morning]
(Steven is fast asleep on a lawn chair in front of It's A Wash. He yawns as he slowly wakes up and looks around, noticing tons of oddly-shaped watermelons had grown all around him.)
Steven Huh... ? Holy watermelon! *picks up a watermelon that resembles himself* Is this... ? *gasps* Can it be... ? They're me! They're all me!
(Steven bring the Crystal Gems to check on the strange occurrence.)
Garnet Hmm. This is really impressive.
Pearl I suppose... Your mother had the power to grow sentient plant life to act as her defenders.
Amethyst But Rose's plants moved and stuff. *picks up a smaller-looking watermelon* These guys don't do... anything.
Steven Amethyst, be careful. This one's just a baby. *takes the watermelon and looks at it* Aww! Look at him, so precious.
Greg *tries to tread through the field of watermelons* Ugh... *accidentally steps on one* Ohh... This is really weird... What are we gonna do with all of them?
(Steven gasps as he has an idea.)
[Open. Ext. Beach City Funland]
(Steven sets up a fruit stand outside of Beach City Funland, with the smaller Watermelon Steven as a display.)
Steven There. That's a mighty fine looking table, right Baby Melon? Mm-hmm.
Mr. Smiley Steven! What's going on here? Do you got a permit for this setup?
Steven Oh, uh... Hey Mr. Smiley! Um, here. *hands Mr. Smiley a watermelon* Try one of my Watermelon Stevens!
Mr. Smiley Hmm, man I don't know, it's kinda weird lookin'. Buut....I'll go ahead and accept your bribe. *walks off*
Steven *sees Sadie approaching* Hey there!
Sadie Hey Steven! What's all this about?
Steven Just a little side project that I got going on.
Sadie Oh, really? Ha, that's great. How did you get such handsome watermelons?
Steven Let's just say there's a little Steven in every one of them.
Sadie *laughs* Great sales pitch, dude. So, how much for one?
Steven How much? Uh, I was just gonna give you one, Sadie.
Sadie Come on, I insist. I love supporting local businesses. *holds up some dollar notes
Ronaldo *takes a photo with his phone* Whoa! What's going on here?
Steven Hey Ronaldo.
Ronaldo Don't mind me, just doing some live blogging about your weird watermelons. *laughs and starts typing on his phone* "Check... out... these weird... watermelon guys... down by the Funland... entrance... It's... really... weird..."
(Steven and Sadie watch on as Ronaldo slowly types away.)
Sadie Steven, you shouldn't keep your customers waiting like this. I'll just give you five bucks and take one, okay? *takes a Watermelon Steven and leaves*
Steven Sadie, wai-
Ronaldo What? You're only selling them for five dollars!? Hey everybody!! Come get a Watermelon Steven! He's practically giving them away! Hurry before they're gone forever!
(A crowd of people rush over to Steven's fruit stand to buy Watermelon Stevens. Some time passes, Steven is counting all the money he has collected from the sale.)
Steven And another, and another, and another, and another... Cool, one hundred pieces of money.
(Onion appears from underneath the fruit stand and gets out from it.)
Steven Oh, hey Onion.
(Onion beckons with his hand.)
Steven Umm, you want... my money?
(Onion looks up, shakes his head and beckons again.)
Steven Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm all out of Watermelon Stevens.
(Onion points at Baby Melon.)
Steven Sorry Onion, Baby Melon is not for sale.
(Steven looks away for a second and finds that Onion, and Baby Melon, has vanished.)
Steven Ooniiiooon!!
(Steven chases after Onion, who is running away with Baby Melon.)
Steven *growls* Give me back my Baby Melon!
(Baby Melon suddenly comes alive in Onion's grip. Onion quickly drops him and Baby Melon runs up to Steven to hug him.)
Steven My Baby Melon! Aah, my precious... I... thought I'd never see you again...
(Steven suddenly realizes and looks at the living baby watermelon, as he winks at him.)
Steven You're... ALIIIVVVVEEE?! I really shouldn't be so surprised about this.... Oh man, the other ones must be alive too, right?
(Baby Melon hugs Steven, unaware of the question. Steven begins to go all over Beach City to returns buyers their money and round up the Watermelon Stevens, who also begin coming alive.
[Open. Int. Beach Citywalk Fries]
(Ronaldo starts recording a live video for Weirdstar.Stream.)
Ronaldo "Keep Beach City Weird" presents— oh hang on a second... *retrieves a spatula and a hand mixer* ... first, ever, official, mutant, watermelon, autopsy.
Steven *appears alongside several Watermelon Stevens* Ronaldo! STOOOP!
Ronaldo Steven! Get out of here! You're gonna ruin my web-sclusive!
Steven Ronaldo, it's ALIVE!
Ronaldo Not for long.
Steven No, don't do it!!
(Ronaldo hits Steven's hand with his spatula as Steven reaches for Watermelon Steven.)
Steven Ow...
(All the Watermelon Stevens turn to look at Ronaldo.)
Ronaldo Wha— G-get away from me! Stay back!
(The Watermelon Stevens hiss at Ronaldo and begin to attack him.)
Ronaldo *screams* Noo! *yells in distress*
Steven Nooo!
Steven Ronaldo! I'll go get help!
Ronaldo Steven, is the camera getting all of this!?
(Steven adjusts the camera to Ronaldo's direction.)
Ronaldo Sweeeet!! *keeps yelling in distress as the Watermelon Stevens keep hitting him*
[Open. Int. Beach House]
Steven *bursts into the house* Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst!
Pearl, Garnet, & Amethyst *reading newspapers* What?
Steven My watermelons came to life, and they're attacking people!
Pearl, Garnet, & Amethyst What!?!?
(Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst leaves the house and gasp in amazement to see a crowd of Watermelon Stevens standing at the beach.)
Amethyst Wooow...
Pearl You said they're hurting people?
(Steven nods.)
Garnet Rose's plants lived to fight.
Pearl He can't control them. *places her hands on Steven's shoulders* Steven-
(The Watermelon Stevens takes a step forward, looking angry.)
Pearl Get in the house.
Steven But-
Pearl Now!
(Pearl pushes Steven inside the house and the Watermelon Stevens hisses loudly.)
Amethyst Oooh what!? Bring it, melons!
(The Gems leap onto the beach to confront the Watermelon Stevens.)
Garnet Gems, do your thing.
(Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst begin destroying the Watermelon Stevens.)
Steven Wait, don't! Come on Baby Melon, we have to stop this. *runs down the stairs*
(Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst continues to destroy several Watermelon Stevens.)
Garnet Come on!
(Garnet is then tackled by many Watermelon Stevens, piling and pinning her down.)
Steven Everyone! Please stop! I'm okay, look! *raises hands in the air* You don't have to fight anymore!
Amethyst *pinned by the Watermelon Stevens and cries in distress* They're gonna put me in the ground! *cries more* Noo! Noo! Aaah!
(Two Watermelon Stevens are digging a hole in the sand and another one brings in a banquet of purplish flowers.)
Amethyst Those flowers are lovely!! *screams and cries*
Pearl *wrestling with the Watermelon Stevens* Let go of my spear, you little twerps! I'll destroy you!
(Garnet is still trying to get all the Watermelon Stevens off her.)
Steven This is bad, Baby Melly. How do we end this carnage?
(Baby Melon closes his eyes and punches Steven in the belly, knocking him back on the sand and grasping the other watermelons' attention.)
Steven Baby... Melon?
(Baby Melon stretches his arms out in content as several Watermelon Stevens tackle him, causing a cloud of sand to envelop the place.)
Steven Wha- Woaaah!
(After the cloud subsides, Steven tries to push his way through the crowd of Watermelon Stevens to Baby Melon.)
Steven Ugh, let me through, you melon heads! *sees a destroyed Baby Melon* Ba-Baby Melon.... *starts walking to Baby Melon's remains* I understand... You stopped the watermelons from fighting everyone else.... by making them fight you.
(Steven holds up Baby Melon's remains in anger for the other Watermelon Stevens to see.)
Steven Look at what you've done! You think I wanted this?! You should all be ashamed! He knew this is what it would take to calm your rage! ... He understood true loyalty.
(There is a momentary silence.)
Steven Go! Think about what you've done! And don't come back until you understand what he did for me, for all of us!
(The Watermelon Stevens begin walking away, splitting up into different paths; some head into the ocean, some travel far into the land.)
Garnet Spoken like a true king.
Steven They don't need a king. They're their own melons now.
(Pearl and Amethyst proudly place their hands on Steven's shoulder, as they watch the Watermelon Stevens leave. Steven then takes a bite on Baby Melon's remains and the Gems react in disgust. The star iris then zooms in on Steven munching the watermelon, ending the episode.)

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