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The Watermelon Stevens are a species of sentient watermelons accidentally created by Steven in "Watermelon Steven" and are the episode's main antagonists. They reappear as supporting characters in "Super Watermelon Island" and "Escapism".


The Watermelon Stevens' bodies are similar in physique and stature to Steven. Their heads are crowned with hemispherical rises that resemble Steven's hair. They have two black watermelon seeds for eyes and a jagged mouth. They have vertical, alternating medium and light green stripes on their bodies.


The Watermelon Steven village on Mask Island.

The flora Rose Quartz animated would act as her guardian, which is the same behavior the Watermelon Stevens exhibit toward Steven. Though initially docile, they become increasingly aggressive towards any possible "threats" to Steven, regardless of his commands.

The group of Watermelon Stevens that migrated to Mask Island created an independent society there. They live in a village of clay huts and grow more of their kind in fields of soil. They demonstrate a range of emotions and desires other than aggression toward perceived threats to Steven; they play games, wear decorative clothing, hug each other to show affection, and ritually revere a large statue of Baby Melon. When Malachite was near the island, they sacrificed some of themselves to her.


"Watermelon Steven"

The Watermelon Stevens are brought to life by Steven, who, without knowing he inherited Rose Quartz's power of phytokinesis, spits watermelon seeds outside of It's A Wash. Steven's saliva causes the seeds to develop into fully-formed sentient watermelons overnight.

The Watermelon Stevens initially appear to be inanimate, so Steven disposes of them by selling them to passers-by outside Funland. One of the watermelons is underdeveloped and smaller than the rest; Steven takes a liking to it and dubs it Baby Melon. When Onion attempts to steal Baby Melon, Steven gives chase until Baby Melon suddenly moves, escaping Onion and reuniting with Steven. Realizing that all the other Watermelon Stevens must be alive, Steven recalls them, refunding his customers and taking back the Watermelons, who follow him. Ronaldo Fryman refuses to return a Watermelon and hits Steven with a spatula, which provokes an aggressive response from the Watermelons, who all start punching and kicking Ronaldo.

Steven returns to the Beach House to inform the other Crystal Gems of the crisis. The Gems accidentally provoke the Watermelons by pushing Steven back inside the house, and they fight. The Gems destroy many Watermelons before the Watermelons hold them down by sheer numbers. Some Watermelons dig a hole in the ground for Amethyst, intending to bury her with a bouquet of flowers mercilessly.

Due to his lack of control over this new power, Steven cannot prevent the Watermelon Stevens' rampage. This inspires Baby Melon to sacrifice himself by punching Steven, diverting the Watermelon Stevens' attention away from the Gems, whom they were previously attacking. Upset, Steven tells them to go and not come back until they understand Baby Melon's sacrifice, and they comply. They were last seen walking deep into the ocean or along the beach, with some getting picked up by seagulls.

"Super Watermelon Island"

After the events of "Watermelon Steven", one of the two groups of Watermelon Stevens traveled across the ocean to Mask Island and colonized it. The Watermelon Stevens established an agrarian civilization; members of the community were assigned roles to contribute to the development of their village. Farmers grew Watermelon Stevens in a subsistence agriculture system. The infants were distributed to the Watermelon families and educated. They developed clothing, housing, farming and hunting utensils and even genetic derivatives; like watermelon chickens and dogs. Watermelon Stevens also seemed to have become capable of feeling emotion and gestural communication.

Steven entered the village by inhabiting the body of a Watermelon Steven using his powers of astral projection. In the center of a village, he observes an elderly Watermelon Steven lecturing to a group of watermelon infants about the large statue of Baby Melon erected in the village center. He is presumably a figure of importance in this Mask Island splinter group.

As Steven (in the form of a Watermelon Steven) is in the middle of this event, he is confused and does not put his finger on his nose, resulting in him being unknowingly chosen as the sacrifice. The other Watermelon Stevens draw a yellow star on his chest, put roses on his head, and place him in a chair, carrying him up to a cliff. At the edge of the cliff, Steven looks back at the watermelons who use body language to tell Steven to raise his arms in the pose of Baby Melon. He proceeds to, and Malachite rises out of the ocean. Malachite recognizes Steven and attacks him, causing him to wake up and inform the other Crystal Gems of these new events.

As Malachite continues her rampage, the Watermelon Stevens flee into a cave. Steven possesses another Watermelon Steven and observes Alexandrite fighting Malachite, though the latter gains the upper hand. He enters the cave and gives a speech to the Watermelons, rallying them to fight Malachite. When Malachite is crushing Alexandrite with giant hands of ice, the Watermelon Stevens attack her with bows and arrows, spears and shields, catapults, wing gliders and their bare hands. Though they deal no substantial damage to Malachite, who destroys some of the Watermelons, they do distract her from Alexandrite, allowing Malachite to be defeated.

Steven reveals himself to the Crystal Gems, who thank him and the Watermelons for their support. The Cluster causes an earthquake, and the gems reassure Steven as he returns to his body to take the drill to destroy the Cluster.


The Watermelon Stevens return after their long absences. Steven possesses a Watermelon Steven and uses it to sail to Beach City and ask for backup on the Gem Homeworld.


Watermelon Stevens holding Amethyst down.

Watermelon Stevens are heavy and strong enough to restrain Garnet and Amethyst in groups, but did not appear to seriously injure Ronaldo when they attacked him. They are fragile enough to break into pieces when hitting the ground after Malachite swats them into the air. They are dense enough to sink in water.

Watermelon Stevens' lifespans are very short, and they reproduce when the seeds from their bodies are buried in soil.[1] Steven refers to Baby Melon with masculine pronouns, but it is unknown whether the Watermelon Stevens possess genders or biological sexes. Ordinary watermelon plants are hermaphroditic, so it's most likely that the Watermelon Stevens are as well.

The Watermelon Steven society on Mask Island was organized enough to launch a coordinated attack on Malachite involving dozens of Watermelon Stevens in several combat roles. They were able to trip Malachite with a carefully placed tripwire, but dealt minor damage to her at best.


Watermelon Stevens firing catapults at Malachite.

The Mask Island society created a variety of technologies, mostly out of wood and stone, including:

  • Horse-drawn carts with wheels
  • Metal gongs
  • Shields
  • Spears
    • Big spear
  • Bows and arrows
  • Lever-operated catapults with wheels
  • Hang gliders
  • Goggles with lenses
  • Weaving: They are capable of making simple clothes.
    • Leaf necktie
    • Flower collars and headbands
    • Straw weaving: At least two Watermelon Stevens with straw hats can be seen, and at least two other Watermelon villagers can be seen wearing garments made of straw.
    • Leaf cape: A cape woven from leaves that is durable enough to be used as a sail for a small, wind-powered raft
    • Leaf bandana
  • Construction Abilities and Knowledge
    • Boat construction: They were capable of helping Steven (in a Watermelon body) to make a raft after only seeing a sketch of the raft in the sand.
    • They can make relatively large stone buildings.
    • They made a defensive wall out of logs.


In "Escapism", it is revealed that the Watermelon Stevens have divided into two different tribes following the skirmish between Malachite and Alexandrite. The original tribe still worships Baby Melon and are pacifists, while a new tribe has splintered off after the events of Super Watermelon Island, and worship the Watermelon Steven which Steven possessed during the episode, and are more militaristic. Despite their vastly different stances of both tribes, as well as repeated attempts on either side to abduct members of the opposing tribe into their own, the Watermelon Stevens do not physically harm each other, and are convinced to put aside their differences with help from Steven by the end of the episode, at least long enough to help him build a raft. Each tribe has a distinctive mark to denote which tribe they belong to, as well as a signature pose. Members of the Baby Melon Tribe have a star painted on their bellies, much like the one on Steven's shirt, and stand arms apart, the same way Baby Melon did when he sacrificed himself at the end of "Watermelon Steven". The opposing tribe paint purple lines under both their eyes, and carry a spear while posing as if ready to stab an opponent. Each tribe also has a unique leader, the Baby Melon tribe is led by an older looking Melon who has shaved down his 'hair' to resemble Baby Melons, who also wears a leaf cape, and a long shirt seemingly fashioned from dried reeds. The leader of the opposing tribe looks physically the same as other Watermelon Stevens, but wears a flower necklace and carries a spear several times larger than himself.


On Mask Island, the Watermelon Stevens created genetic derivatives of their species:

Watermelon Horse.png
Watermelon Chicken by Lenhi.png


A watermelon dog, also known as Melon Mutt, accompanies Steven when he possesses a Watermelon person using astral projection. The dog brings Steven to the village and stays by his side throughout his adventure on the island. Watermelon dogs have four stumpy legs, a rotund body that resembles an actual watermelon and horizontal alternating medium and light green stripes on their bodies.

A second dog accompanies a Steven in Escapism, this one is seemingly smaller than the original, and has pointier ears and a short, fluffy tail. It also has a star painted on its belly, showing it most likely belongs to the Baby Melon Tribe.


Watermelon horses and carts are utilized for transportation of goods on Mask Island. The cart is a separate piece of equipment made using what appear to be sticks lashed together with organic rope. They are seen being used to deliver infant Watermelons to Watermelon families. Watermelon horses have leafy green manes and bodies with horizontal alternating medium and light green stripes.


In "Super Watermelon Island", three watermelon chickens are seen outside the dwelling of a Watermelon family. Due to lack of limbs aside from a torso, they are only capable of rocking back and forth in place, pecking the ground for food. One of the animators on Steven Universe confirmed on Twitter that, to the Watermelon people, they taste like chicken. Watermelon chickens also have the signature watermelon stripes, besides black seed eyes and rises that resemble chicken tailfeathers and crests.


We briefly see a single Watermelon Parrot in "Escapism", sitting on a branch in a high tree. How it got there is unknown, as when the creature tries to fly, it quickly plummets to the ground and turns to melon slices. Unlike the Watermelon Chickens, it has wings and a long tail, though they are not composed of melon leaves.


A Watermelon Shark appears in "Escapism", initially seen in silhouette when Steven attempts to swim back to Beach City. It later attacks Steven's raft when he's out at sea, showing that it is hostile (until Steven manages to calm it), and that it can easily leave Mask Island. It seems to be able to swim as fast as a real shark, and is able to propel itself out of the water. Furthermore, its teeth are strong enough to bite through Steven's wooden raft, as well as the flesh of a Watermelon Steven.



In "Watermelon Steven", the Watermelon Stevens protect Steven when he is faced with any potential danger. In "Super Watermelon Island", Steven possesses a Watermelon Steven in his sleep. The other Watermelon Stevens do not appear to notice any difference in Steven's Watermelon, but they pick him to be a sacrifice for Malachite. When Steven possesses another Watermelon, a few other Watermelon Stevens notice. Later, Steven rallies the Watermelon Stevens to fight against Malachite.


Ronaldo buys a Watermelon Steven and decides to live-stream an autopsy of it for the website Weirdstar. Realizing that they are alive, Steven tries to stop Ronaldo and is hit with a spatula. This causes the Watermelon Stevens to react and attack Ronaldo.

Baby Melon

Baby Melon saves Steven and the Gems from the other Watermelon Stevens by sacrificing itself. It strikes Steven, sending the wrath of the other "Watermelon Stevens" upon itself. As seen in "Super Watermelon Island", the Watermelon Stevens appear to worship Baby Melon as a sort of savior, having a statue of it in the middle of their village and mimicking the pose he made before his demise.


During "Super Watermelon Island", Steven, possessing one of the Watermelon Stevens, comes face-to-face with Malachite. Malachite recognizes the Watermelon as Steven and attacks it, most likely driven by Jasper's hatred of Steven. It may be that the Watermelon Stevens sacrifice each other to survive and calm down Malachite. The other Watermelons hide from Malachite out of fear, but Steven (as another Watermelon) rallies them to fight her.

Episode Appearances


Concept art.

  • Despite the fact that ripe watermelons can float in water, the Watermelon Stevens sink.
  • When Watermelon Stevens are destroyed, they explode into chunks and slices of cut watermelon and drops of juice. They never appear as smashed watermelon pulp, a point made clear in the concept art's notes.
  • They are similar to Pikmin from the game of the same name.


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