Watermelon Tourmaline,[1] also known as the Giant Pufferfish in her corrupted state, is a formerly-corrupted Gem that first appeared in "Beach Party". She was later healed (along with the other Corrupted Gems) in "Change Your Mind".



The upper half of Watermelon Tourmaline's body is colored shamrock green while the bottom half of her body is colored light pink.

Her body is covered with spikes, with the spikes on the upper half of her body being more numerous and much longer than the spikes on the bottom half.

She has diamond-shaped turquoise pupils with slanted mint colored eyelids and dark grayish-green colored lips. The location of her gemstone is unknown because it can not be seen, it is likely that her gem is located inside her like the Gem Cave Creature.


The top half of her head and lower torso are shamrock green, while her shoulders, upper arms, and the lower half of her head are light pink. Jagged lines separate the green and pink sections of her body.

Pink spikes (possibly "scars" from her corruption) cover her shoulders and large, pufferfish-like cheeks. 

Her turquoise pupils are circular, and her upper eyelids are not visible, though she does have larger, light pink lower eyelids. Her lips are noticeably smaller than those of her corrupted form, and they are light pink as opposed to dark-green. Her gemstone is not visible on her upper body.


"Beach Party"

The Crystal Gems clash with the Watermelon Tourmaline at the beach. After Garnet is flung from the battle site by the Gem monster, Amethyst smacks the Watermelon Tourmaline far away into the ocean, allowing the Crystal Gems to regroup. The Gem monster later returns to the beach and is eventually defeated by the joint effort of the Crystal Gems and the Pizza family.

"Change Your Mind"

Following the battle on Homeworld, The Great Diamond Authority healed the Corrupted Gems, including Watermelon Tourmaline, in Rose's Fountain, emerging from the depths of the Fountain just a few seconds after Nephrite herself was uncorrupted surrounded by most of her now uncorrupted Crewmen. She would then be with Steven, Nephrite, and the now uncorrupted Biggs Jasper and Snow Monster having a conversation together when Jasper finally emerged from the depths of the Fountain, still thinking that Steven was actually Rose Quartz and summoned her Crash Helmet to attack him, only to get verbally stopped by Yellow Diamond who managed to get Jasper to calm down considerably. Amethyst would then swim past Watermelon Tourmaline to go and warmly greet her now uncorrupted "sis".



  • Tetraodontid Physiology: She takes on the form, traits, and some abilities of pufferfish, allowing her to inhale air to increase her size to appear more threatening.
    • Spiky Defense: Like diodontidae type pufferfish, she possesses sharp spines, which radiate outwards when she is inflated.
  • Respiratory Strength: She has the power to spew an incredibly powerful gale which is strong enough to blow away Pearl's spear mid-throw and even Garnet herself.
  • Enhanced Durability: She seems to have high durability, as she was able to endure Amethyst (as a giant bat) hitting her into the ocean. However, because she is inflated with air, she can be defeated by being pushed into a sharp object with enough force to pop her.

Episode Appearances


  • Watermelon Tourmaline's name was first revealed by former crew member Ian Jones-Quartey on Tumblr.[1]
  • Along with Lapis Lazuli, Bismuth, Carnelian, Emerald, and Holly Blue Agate, is the sole individual of her Gem type seen (although a Gem resembling Lapis is seen in "The Answer" and a Gem resembling Bismuth is seen poofing Lapis in a flashback in "Same Old World").
  • Her uncorrupted form resembles that of two unidentified gems seen during a flashback in the episode "The Answer", albeit with spines. It is possible that the aforementioned individuals are also Tourmalines.


Image Description
Watermelon Tourmaline's gemstone location is currently unknown. Her gem is shaped and colored to resemble an actual slice of watermelon. It is a hexahedron, specifically a square frustum.


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