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This article is about the extended theme song. You may be looking for the opening version.

"We Are the Crystal Gems" is a short released on Cartoon Network's website. It was first shown at SDCC 2015.


Steven starts his life with the Crystal Gems in this extended version of the opening theme.


The short begins with a toddler Steven practicing his ukulele skills. Greg walks in exhausted, remarking that building a house isn't easy and asks Steven how he's doing with the ukulele. Pearl walks in greeting Steven. Greg hands Pearl a bottle of water, complimenting her work; Pearl is briefly confused by the bottle and hands it to Amethyst who is right behind her. Amethyst squeezes the bottle tightly, blasting water all over her face. She then swallows the bottle whole before she is joined by Garnet.

Pearl asks Greg about Steven's instrument, with Greg telling the Gems that Steven is quickly learning the ukulele and that he's excited to live with them. He asks Steven if he wants to play the song he wrote. Steven is nervous about playing his song to the Crystal Gems, but with some encouragement from them, he plays his song, "We Are the Crystal Gems". Everybody likes the song and they hug Steven. A time-lapse of the Beach House being constructed is shown.

Sometime later, Garnet puts up the picture of Rose Quartz in the house. She and the other Gems welcome Steven (who is now in his adolescence) into his new home. We see brief scenes of Steven's first day living with the Gems: Pearl, who is singing about the Gems' decision to protect the Earth, leaves Steven's clothes out to dry on the Crystal Temple's hand; Garnet and Pearl wash the dishes while Amethyst eats a sandwich and part of the dish and Greg reads a bedtime story to Steven.

The Crystal Gems show off their gems; Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst's gems all glow but Steven's gem doesn't. Steven then follows the Gems running along the beach. A montage of scenes from the series plays in the background and the Gems are silhouetted. Important moments of Steven's life are shown: his gem glowing in "Gem Glow", him meeting Connie and forming his bubble shield for the first time in "Bubble Buddies", Steven and Connie drawing Rose's Sword from Lion's magical mane in "Lion 2: The Movie", Steven summoning his shield in "Ocean Gem", seeing Rose Quartz from "Lion 3: Straight to Video", Stevonnie from "Alone Together", the Gem Warship flying towards the beach in "The Return", and Garnet's re-fusion in "Jail Break". Steven, having fallen behind on the beach, runs in front of the Gems and jumps.

The Crystal Gems brandish their weapons and sing about their reasons for fighting. Confronted with the Homeworld Gems, they look to each other for support. They sing the rest of the theme song together.







  • This is the first appearance of Yellow Diamond.
  • This was the first short to feature clips of previous episodes from the main series.
  • The way Yellow Diamond is facing is similar to the way Dio Brando is shown in the third opening theme of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Yellow Diamond even resembles Dio's Stand: The World.
  • The vocals of toddler Steven singing the opening of the song are reused from the Pilot.


  • In the scene with young Steven, Garnet and Pearl are in their first regeneration form.
    • In the scene where The Crystal Gems introduce Steven to his house, Amethyst is in her first form as well.


Yellow Diamond and Lapis' change in clothing design and Jasper's lack of left arm markings.

  • When the Homeworld Gems are seen, Jasper has no visible markings on her left arm.
    • In the same scene, the bottom triangle of the diamond symbol is missing from Lapis Lazuli's dress.
    • Yellow Diamond seems to have a different design for clothes.
  • While Amethyst sings her solo, when she jumps up, the ripped markings on her shirt show the color of her pants and not the color of her hair behind her.
  • In Steven Universe: The Complete Collection, the short is titled "What Are the Crystal Gems?".

Amethyst's miscolored shirt tears.


View the episode's transcript here.


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