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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. It's A Wash, Sunset]
(Steven, Connie and Greg are sorting boxes of vinyl disk collection from Greg's van outside the car wash.)
Steven *takes out three vinyl disks from a box* Here's all the Orange Magic Orchestra ones.
Greg Great! Put them in the transcendental space rock-pile.
Connie *taking a vinyl disk* At home, we only have classical music and movie soundtracks. I've never heard any of these.
Greg You've never heard the Philosophy Majors? Oh man, give it here. *takes the disk from Connie and puts in on a player* This'll really knock your socks off.
(The music starts playing. Steven starts dancing to the tune while Greg air-guitars.)
Steven *laughs and offers his hand to Connie* Come on!
Connie Whoa!
(Steven and Connie are dancing and twirling around together. Steven's gem then starts glowing and the two accidentally fuse into Stevonnie. They stop dancing and see a shocked Greg staring at them. Greg stops the music and Stevonnie quickly separates back into Steven and Connie.)
Greg You two can fuse?!
Steven Uh... Yes?
Greg Uh, huh, that's incredible! Since when? Wait, how is this even possible?
Steven The Gems thinks it's because I'm half human-
Connie Please don't tell my parents, Mr. Universe! They don't know I've been doing magic stuff with Steven! I can't tell them, they're not going to understand, I-
Greg Whoa, whoa, it's... it's okay. I may be the only human being on the planet who's gonna understand.
Connie Wha- what do you mean?
Steven *gets suspicious* Yeah, what do you mean?
Greg Well...
Steven *gasps* Story! Come on!
(Steven and Connie jump into and sit inside the van.)
Steven We're ready.
Greg I didn't think I'd be telling this so soon. Probably best to start with this.
(Greg retrieves a VHS tape, inserts it in the VCR TV and plays it, leading to a full flashback to the 90's.)
[Open Int. Crystal Temple]
(The TV screen flickered with static and then showed a young Greg adjusting the camera. A backdrop of wooden planks and lit light bulbs was seen, along with the Warp Pad, used as the stage. Garnet, Amethyst and Rose Quartz were seen standing on-stage, with a keytar, drums, and a microphone respectively.)
Greg Everybody ready? *run in front of the stage with his guitar* One, two, three, four.
(Greg and the Crystal Gems started to play "What Can I Do (For You)". Greg inched in on the stage to be closer to Rose.)
What can I do for you?
What can I do that no one else can do?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
Rose Human man.
You are so much fun.
I hadn't planned on finding you,
Quite this entertaining.
I like your band...
Garnet Woo!
Rose ...And I like your song.
I like the way.
Human beings play.
I like playing along.
What can I do for you?
What can I do that no one else can do?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
(Greg started playing a guitar solo, while a bitter Pearl watched as she leaned against the wood planks. She then smirked, walked up to Rose and whispered into her ear. Rose and Pearl walked off stage and started dancing together, fusing into Rainbow Quartz. She continued to dance, glaring at Greg, still playing his guitar solo, and then unfused on the warp pad. After they separated back into Rose and Pearl, Pearl held out the microphone and dropped it in front of Greg with a devilish look on her face, ending the song.)
Greg I can't believe I got that on video! *turns off the stage lights with an effects pedal* What on Earth was that?!
Rose That was Rainbow Quartz. Pearl thought a fusion might give your video a little something extra. Pretty cool, right? *kisses Greg* I have to go, but- Are you doing anything later?
Greg You know I'm not.
Rose *laughs* You're adorable, Mr. Universe. See you later~ *warps away*
Greg Byeeee~
Amethyst *pops up behind Greg* Hey, I hit the drums, so pay up.
(Greg handed over a bag of Pop-Pop-brand popcorn to Amethyst.)
Greg Here you go.
(Amethyst grabbed the bag in her teeth and shook her head wildly like a dog. She then popped it open with her hands.)
Pearl *twirls the microphone playfully* You're just a phase. You know that, right?
Greg *sighs exasperatedly* No, I actually don't know that, Pearl.
Pearl Oh, of course you don't. You don't know anything about Rose.
Greg I know she's super into me!
Pearl *condescendingly* Listen, Mr. Universe. Rose may find you charming, but that's only because you're human. You're a novelty, at best.
Greg What makes you so sure?
(Amethyst popped over behind Greg, eating the popcorn.)
Pearl Well, that's simple! Humans can't fuse! *sing-songy* Fusion is the ultimate connection between Gems. And you... are not... a gem!
(Pearl puts the coiled microphone cable around Greg's neck and flicks his hair playfully, causing him to blush angrily. She then continues to prance in front of him.)
Greg *takes off the cable* Well, has any human ever tried fusing with a gem?
Pearl *stunned* Uhh, noo? I don't think so.
Greg Well then, I will try! *drops the microphone, mimicking Pearl's gesture earlier*
Amethyst OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHO! *kicks her feet in the air*
(Pearl just sighed exasperatedly, rolling her eyes at Greg, and walked away.)
Greg *picks up the microphone* Aw geez, what am I doing? These things are expensive.
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple, Evening]
(Greg started re-watching the recorded tape of Pearl and Rose's fusion dance at the back of his van. He tried to copy Pearl's dance moves, but failed and fell onto the ground.)
Greg Oh geez, how'd she get her legs to do that? *lies on the ground* Ugh...
Amethyst Hey! *pops in with Garnet behind her* Are you dead?
Greg Wha? *sitting upright* Oh, no no, I'm alive.
Amethyst Whoa, cool! *runs up to the TV set* It's us from before!
Greg Yeah, I was just trying to get my head around this fusion dance.
Amethyst A fusion dance ain't about your head! *laughs*
Greg Wait, you guys are Gems. You gotta help me out here, I need to be able to fuse with Rose.
Garnet First you need a gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light. Then you need a partner you can trust with that light.
Greg Metaphorically?
Garnet Literally.
Amethyst *whispers to Garnet* Shh! Come on, I still wanna see him try!
Greg Ugh, so it's true. I really can't do it. I'm kidding myself with this, I'm never gonna be a Gem.
Garnet *sees a small stick on the ground and picks it up* Amethyst, give us some privacy! *hurls it far away*
Amethyst Yeaaaaah!!! *chases after the stick*
Garnet Let me tell you something, Mr. Universe. *kneels down* I think you can do it, but it won't work if you dance like Pearl. You have to dance like you. You have to fuse your way. *puts her hand on Greg's shoulder reassuringly* Get open, get honest, invent yourselves together. *pulls down her visor, showing off her three eyes, and winks* That's fusion.
Greg "Eye...!" I... think I get it.
(Garnet put her visor back on and smiled widely.)
[Time Skip — Night-time]
(Greg, wearing a smart blazer, stood alone on the beach next to his van and a makeshift dance floor, made of the same wooden planks covered in light bulbs. He heard the warp pad activating and quickly smoothed out his hair. He then put on a record, as Rose appeared behind him.)
Rose *laughs* What's all this?
(Greg turned and walked up to Rose on the dance floor. They both held hands and began dancing together. Greg then stepped on an effects pedal and lit up the light bulbs on the dance floor. The two continued dancing until Greg stepped onto a stereo to gain some height, so that the two could share a passionate kiss. Shocked by this gesture, Rose's pupils turned starry. Greg, however, seemed disappointed.)
Greg We... We didn't fuse.
Rose WHAT!? *laughing hysterically* You can't fuse! You are a human!
Greg I know! That's the problem! I'm just a human.
Rose That's not a problem! I love humans! You're all so funny!
(Greg grimaced at Rose's comment, seemingly heartbroken.)
Greg Look... these last few months have been great-
Rose *seductively* Oh, yes.
Greg ...but I'm getting a little worried about the future.
Rose Oh! Just ask Garnet.
Greg I'm starting to wonder if you... respect me?
Rose *starts laughing again* Oh, you're hilarious, Mr. Universe.
Greg Rose, please! (Rose continued laughing.) Can you just- (Rose kept laughing more.) -TALK TO ME FOR ONE SECOND!? LIKE A REAL PERSON!?
(Rose abruptly stopped laughing, startled and shocked. The track on the record then changed into a more somber tune.)
Rose ... I'm... not... a real person... I thought... Haven't we... Is this not how it works?
Greg *dazed* Oh... oh boy... this is so weird, you really are an alien... *starts laughing hysterically, tears in his eyes*
Rose Why are you laughing?
(Greg then broke down into tears, still laughing.)
Rose Why are you crying?
Greg How are we gonna make this work?
Rose Fusion?
Greg No, us. We're really, really different.
Rose What do we do now?
Greg ... Let's just... talk.
(Greg and Rose then hugged each other.)
Greg I barely know you.
Rose That's a good thing.
Greg We really rushed into this.
Rose Everything on Earth seems fast to me.
Greg Do you... miss your home planet?
Rose No, never.
Greg How'd you end up with, uh, Harpo, Groucho, and Chico?
(Rose quickly realized Greg is referring to Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst, who had been watching the two this whole time.)
Rose Huh? Oh, them? Those are three long stories.
(Amethyst, in plain sight, waved at Rose and Greg. Pearl peeked out from behind a hand rock, behind ducking back in hiding with Garnet.)
Pearl What are they doing?
Garnet Shh.
Greg Have you... loved... other humans?
Rose Have you?
Greg Yes.
Rose Yes.
Greg Have you ever been... in love... with a human?
Rose How would I know?
Greg It's torture.
(Rose stepped away from Greg, his face sweaty from nervousness.)
Rose Greg...
Greg *shivers intensely* R-rose?
Rose Is this torture?
Greg The worst.
Rose I'm so sorry...
Greg Huh? No, don't be!
Rose What!? Why not!? Oooh, I'm so confused...
Greg *chuckles* Me too!
Rose Well! U-uh, this is good! We've got one thing in common!
Greg Ha!
(Rose lifted Greg off the stereo, and they began dancing and laughing again.)
Pearl Why are they still dancing!? I-it didn't work!
Garnet Yes it did.
Pearl What!?
Garnet It worked.
(The record tune changed to a jazzy one.)
Amethyst I think this one's my favorite.
Pearl *saddened* ... I think he's her favorite too.
(Rose and Greg continued dancing and twirling, as the flashback concludes.)
[Trans. Ext. It's A Wash]
(The flashback ends, returning back Steven and Connie in Greg's van, both blushing heavily.)
Steven ...Whoa.
Connie So you guys were never able to fuse?
Greg Ah, no, but that wasn't as important as talking to each other. Look... humans and Gems... it's still some pretty new territory. You're gonna have to work it out together. And Connie? If you ever need to talk to another human being about this, you can always talk to me.
Connie Mm.
Greg *holds up his hand* Human beings?
Connie *high-fives Greg* Human beings.
Steven *clutches his gem* Human beings.
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