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Speaker Dialogue
Open int. Beach House
Sapphire Ruby, I’m so sorry! Where...? Huh?
Sapphire finds a note on the floor that has “Sapphire” written on the front of it.
Sapphire Oh no.
Sapphire starts to read the letter.
Sapphire Sapphire, you were right. I need some time to think, so I am running away. - Ruby. This can’t be happening.
Sapphire starts to cry due to Ruby running away.
Sapphire Oh Ruby, I’m so sorry. You left before I can take back all the horrible things I said to you.
Pearl takes the letter out of Sapphire’s hand and reads it.
Pearl Well, Amethyst was with her, right? Maybe she knows she went.
Steven Amethyst, have you seen Ruby?
Amethyst Yeah, I've seen her. Huh, she asked me for a pen and paper a while ago. Why?
Pearl Because, she ran away. Did you see where she went?
Amethyst I don't know. Maybe she'll come back. It's not my job to babysit her. Hey, Steven! Get over here, I need a player two!
Steven Hold on a second, Amethyst. Do you see her coming back in your Future Vision, Sapphire?
Sapphire Oh? Oh! Maybe! But... she's so wonderful... and spontaneous! I have no idea what she could... Why would she be a cowboy?!
Sapphire hugs Pearl's legs and begins to sob. Pearl pats her head, kneels down to her level and holds Sapphire's hands.
Pearl There, there. It's going to be okay. She's going to come back! She's got to come back! If she doesn't then... then, there would be no more Garnet. And... what on Earth would we do without Garnet?
Sapphire Oh, Pearl! How will I ever get her back?!
Pearl embraces Sapphire. Sapphire's arms are visibly trembling.
Pearl I... I don't know! You two are incredible together! It can't be over! It can't be over!
Both Pearl and Sapphire sob.
Amethyst Why don’t you two take all of this into the Temple? Ugh, Steven and I are going to play some video games.
Steven No, no, it’s ok! Don’t worry Sapphire, I’m gonna go out and find Ruby.
Amethyst What?
Steven I’ll be right back with her in no time.
Pearl and Sapphire continue to sob.
Amethyst Yo Steven, wait up! I’m coming too.
Steven I don’t think Ruby used the Warp pad. She said she was running away, not warping away and she’s usually pretty literal. We just need to figure out which direction she ran in.
Amethyst So, how do we do that?
Steven Uh..Let's try putting ourselves in Ruby's shoes.
Amethyst shape-shifts into Ruby.
Amethyst Heh, now what?
Steven Amethyst, be serious.
Steven She could've only gone in one of two directions, either into town, or into the ocean.
Steven and Amethyst think for a moment & Decide to search around the ocean first for Ruby.
Steven Ruby! Ruuuby!
Amethyst Ruby! -Muffled underwater-
Amethyst and Steven are seen out of the ocean.
Steven Okay... So... She wasn't underwater...
Steven and Amethyst start walking towards beach city.
Steven Ruby..!?
Amethyst Ruby...
Amethyst nudges the Seashell gently with her foot
Amethyst Ruby?
Steven I really don't think she's hiding under a seashell..
Amethyst Maybe Ruby shape-shifted really small! You never know.
Amethyst shape-shifts really small & Goes inside the seashell
Amethyst What a spacious house! I'll keep it.
Steven Amethyst..You know I love these great goofs but...
Steven sighs
Steven I'm worried about Ruby, can you stop messing around and turn back to normal?
Amethyst You're the boss.
Amethyst shape-shifts back to her normal size & Falls onto Steven
Steven sighs.
Steven We need to think..Where would Ruby go if she ran away? Is there anyone in town that she knows?
Steven and Amethyst are seen at Greg's carwash "It's a wash."
Steven Doesn't look like she's here.
Amethyst Dead end, huh?
Steven We've just got to keep looking.
Steven would be seen drawing Ruby onto a paper with the words "Have you seen this RUBY???" around the drawing. Steven glares at Vidalia for approval, and she responds with a thumbs up. He is then seen taping a copy of that paper on Peedee's truck while Amethyst orders food. Steven then walks away from the truck & Amethyst takes a bite of her food. They are then seen on a teacup ride, Steven would be throwing those papers from earlier off the teacup ride while Amethyst is having a blast. Amethyst is then seen tossing rings at a booth & Winning a prize, she tries to get Steven's attention, but he is too focused on trying to find Ruby. Amethyst is then seen carrying Steven onto her back for him to be able to look through the telescope around Beach City. He sees Bill Dewey sweeping the floor outside the Big Donut shop, he then sees Sadie talking to the cool kids while Jenny walks closer to them with a pizza in her hand, last but not least, he sees Onion walk out of a bush & Stare into the telescope. Steven and Amethyst are then seen outside of Fish Stew Pizza.
Steven She's not in here either... This is where I'd go if I was feeling down... Pizza always cheers me up.
Amethyst So... Why don't we get some?
Steven But... We haven't found Ruby yet.
Amethyst Steven... It's cool you wanna help Ruby, but... What about you?
Amethyst Come on... Let's forget about Ruby for a moment and get some pizza!
Steven I'm not hungry!
Steven's stomach growls.
Steven Maybe I'm a little hungry?
Steven & Amethyst are seen sitting at a table in Fish Stew Pizza while Kiki places a Pizza onto the table.
Kiki Here's your pizza... With literally all the toppings.
Amethyst Yessss..
Kiki Oh, and here. You're gonna need these.
Kiki gives Steven and Amethyst a spoon.
Steven Thanks!
Amethyst Yeah, thanks man!
Kiki You're welcome!
Kiki walks away. Steven grabs the spoon and picks the food a little. Amethyst grabs a slice of pizza.
Amethyst So... Pink Diamond, huh?
Steven Yep...
Steven scoops up some of the toppings with his spoon & Eats it. Amethyst takes a bite of her pizza.
Amethyst Mmm... Rose Quartz, eh?
Steven Mm-hmm..
Amethyst So... all this time... you thought Rose was this rebel leader, but... she was just rebelling against herself?
Steven Apparently..
Amethyst And the diamond that Rose supposedly shattered. I mean... You've got it. It's right there under your shirt.
Steven lifts up his shirt & Glances at his gem & Nods
Steven Yeah..
Amethyst So... how are you feelin'?
Steven I feel... confused. I-I thought I'd really finally got it.. that Mom didn't have everything figured out, even though everybody put her way up on this pedestal, but... now I guess she's royalty too?
Amethyst Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Steven I'm relieved that she didn't shatter anyone, but... she lied to everyone. I mean... I'm not surprised. I knew she was a liar. But this is just... so much.
Amethyst But like... aren't you mad?
Steven Kind of? I don't know... I can see how she was good and bad... and bad and good. But I... I guess what really matters right now is how hard Garnet took it.
Amethyst slams her hands on the table
Amethyst But what about you?! She's your mom! You were always under all this pressure to be like her! But... Was she even like her? Was anyone ever like her? She was supposed to be so great! She was supposed to know everything... And... ugh... She was supposed to make everything better! It's not fair! We shouldn't have to deal with any of this, we shouldn't have to fix any of this, we weren't around for a stupid war! This... is everyone else's problem... This has nothing to do with me... And you! This has nothing to do with you!
Steven Amethyst... Hold on a second... Are you okay?
Amethyst slams her hands on the table
Amethyst No! I mean... Yes! Of course, I'm okay! Ugh... I'm trying to find out how you feel about all this! Ugh! She... Your mom, okay? Doesn't really affect me.
Jenny is seen entering Fish Stew Pizza
Jenny Dude! Kiki, I just got the biggest tip from Mr. Universe and I'm totally gonna buy those boots now!
Kiki Woah... Seriously?
Jenny Yeah! He was like all the way out on Brooding Hill, which is totally out of our delivery radius, comforting some little friend! She must've been crying because she was like really red.
Amethyst & Steven Ruby!
Amethyst Let me handle this, Steven! No more adult should be putting anything else on you. Just let someone else take care of it for once!
Amethyst walks outside & Steven follows her.
Steven Amethyst, wait! There's someone else who needs help even more, and it's you! Amethyst, we need to talk!
Amethyst shape-shifts into a helicopter
Amethyst Uh... Can't help bud..Going to find Ruby!
Amethyst starts flying away & Steven jumps on her back
Steven Let me help you with your feelings!
Amethyst Get off my back, dude!
Steven Wuh- Come on! You can- Ugg!- Talk to me!
Steven flings onto Amethyst's leg & They would start flying towards the ground & Flying back up
Steven Geh uh- Euh! If you open up you'll feel so much better!
Steven loses grip & Falls onto Amethyst's head area where the helicopter seats are.
Steven Come on! You're hiding something!
Amethyst Get out of my head, Steven!
Steven Am I getting too personal?
Amethyst Dude, you're literally inside my head!
Steven Amethyst, look out!
Amethyst & Steven slam into a beach city construction & Start to fly towards the ground
Amethyst We're crashing!!!
Steven But... How does that make you feel?!
They crash into the ground. Amethyst is seen laid onto the ground with her face buried into the sand, while Steven turns into a sitting position.
Steven Hey...Amethyst?
Amethyst You wanna know how I feel Steven?!
Steven I thought I was pretty clear about that..
Amethyst I thought I was pretty clear too! I feel like I don't wanna say,"What about me?" Okay!? And I don't want to be bent out of shape! I don't wanna be stuck in the past, and I'm not responsible for what Rose did! None of us are! Not you... Not Pearl... And not Garnet! But I am responsible for me! And right now, I am NOT gonna dump another thousand-year-old complex on you or anybody else! I'm ending it right here! I am the ding dong sunshine future, your friend forever! And I'm not gonna fall apart on you.
Steven Amethyst..
Amethyst So Steven... How do you feel?
Steven Pretty good..
Amethyst Good.
Amethyst sits next to Steven & Then lays down.
Steven Have you been trying to cheer me up this whole time?
Amethyst Yess... Geez...Ugh... Don't you know you deserve it? You... Great... Person...
Steven Uh..Hey, Amethyst?
Amethyst What?
Steven I can't believe I'm going to say this... But... I think you're officially the most mature Crystal Gem..
Amethyst Oh... Oh no... Oh gross! That's what this is, isn't it?
Steven Yeah...Pretty much.
Amethyst starts to pound her legs & arms gently on the sand.
Amethyst No! Nyooooooh!
Amethyst & Steven laugh.
Amethyst You still wanna find Ruby?
Steven Yeah.
Amethyst Alright. Let's go.
Amethyst is seen as a helicopter with Steven hanging onto her. They then are seen flying towards the hill where Greg & Ruby are seen talking.
Steven There they are!
Amethyst Target spotted!
Steven Let's go in for a landing!

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