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"When It Rains" is the 19th episode of the second season of Steven Universe, and the 71st episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven helps a friend who is afraid of thunderstorms.[3]


When It Rains 005.png

The episode begins with the Crystal Gems outside of Steven's bathroom demanding that Peridot reveal information about the Cluster. Pearl attempts to reason with her, offering to negotiate a trade. Peridot sarcastically demands that her equipment be returned, before facetiously referring to the fact that it had already been destroyed back at the Galaxy Warp. Steven finishes his business and leaves the bathroom.


Pearl, flustered, argues that Peridot will crack eventually, a claim which Peridot aggressively denies. Garnet realizes that their questions were in vain, and suggests that they instead go and investigate the Cluster on their own. Steven excitedly pleads to accompany the Gems, though Garnet refuses, instead asking him to stay behind and watch over Peridot. Before the Gems depart, Garnet tells Steven that she loves him, making him blush.

When It Rains 055.png

Later, as Steven is cooking soup on the stove, a rainstorm rages outside. He tells Peridot that the Gems have left and that she is now free to come out of the bathroom. She refuses, claiming that she prefers staying in the bathroom. After hearing a particularly loud bolt of thunder, however, Peridot immediately kicks the door open, exclaiming, "It's happening!". Steven asks what the problem is, and she frantically reasons that only the Cluster can make a noise like that. Steven explains to her that the cause for the sound was simply thunder, which happens when it rains on Earth. He goes on to use his soup as an analogy, attempting to summarize the process of the rain cycle using steam to represent clouds, and condensation to represent water. Steven then offers to show rain to Peridot first hand, as the analogy simply confuses her.

When It Rains 078.png

Ignoring her cry for him to stop, Steven rushes outside and begins to play in the rain, beckoning for her to join him. Slowly, Peridot moves her hand into the rain, feeling it on her for the first time, before reluctantly stepping out of the door and into the storm. Later, once back inside, Peridot thanks Steven for explaining rain to her, going on to tell him that he is a much more intelligent being than she had initially thought, and decides that she is ready to reveal information to him regarding the Cluster. Steven protests, insisting that she tell the Gems, who are more capable of offering help, though she bitterly refuses. She ominously offers to escort Steven to the Prime Kindergarten, which has backups of her logs relating to the Cluster and to the forced fusion Gem shard experiments. Steven reluctantly agrees to go, on the condition that he and Peridot hold hands for the duration of their stay.

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They warp to the Kindergarten, falling off the Warp Pad in the process. Steven expresses discomfort at being back and Peridot remarks at how poorly the Kindergarten has been managed since the rebellion ended. She presumptuously assumes that Steven was made there, confusing him, and Steven questions her. Peridot explains that since he is a type of quartz, he, therefore, must have been there, not knowing that Steven is a human/Gem hybrid. Steven briefly attempts to explain this to her before being dismissed by Peridot, who does not care about his origins. The pair proceed to slide down the square hole in the ground that had once been used by a Flask Robonoid as an elevator shaft and arrives at the Prime Kindergarten Control Room. She tells him that after they had been defeated at the end of the Rebellion, Homeworld focused their attention on another use for the planet. Steven asks again what the Cluster is, and Peridot informs him that it is a Gem geoweapon. She goes on to tell him that while she was not around for the initial experiments, she did manage to read over a few hundred years of reports. Peridot, weaker than she is used to after the loss of her limb enhancers, fails to pull a panel off from an adjacent wall, and gives up, telling Steven that they're not going to get anywhere. Steven, asking if he could try, moves to the wall and pulls out the panel with relative ease, a feat which amazes Peridot. After tinkering with a few circuits, she partially reactivates the control room.

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Walking to the nearby control center, Peridot expresses embarrassment at no longer being able to reach it, before Steven slings her over his shoulders. She coldly informs him that she could have handled it herself. Peridot goes on to activate the screen which displays information on hundreds, if not thousands of gem fragments. Steven asks again about the Cluster, and Peridot changes the screen to a revolving model of the earth and she reveals how it fits into Homeworld's plans as the host planet for the Cluster, a forced fusion consisting of millions of gem shards. She proceeds to explain that the smaller force fusions that they had already encountered were simply prototypes for it. Currently, the Cluster is incubating in the Earth's core, and once it's taken form, the Earth will be destroyed. Scared, Steven askes Peridot if there's really going to be a gem as big as the Earth. She denies this saying the Cluster is most likely going to be bigger than the Earth. Peridot, prematurely, declares that they may have a chance at beating it thanks to Steven.

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On the way back to the Warp Pad, Peridot explains to Steven that he is all the help that she will need in stopping the Cluster due to his "vast knowledge" of the Earth and its behavior. He attributes Peridot's misunderstanding as a lack of clarity and explains that the only reason why he knows how rain works are because Greg told him how it works. He used to be afraid of thunderstorms, just like Peridot, and after learning the mechanics of it, he was no longer scared. His offer is that she shares the knowledge with the Crystal Gems, who are vastly more capable of stopping the Cluster than Steven alone.

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While Peridot and Steven argue, Gem mutants crowd around the Warp Pad, and Steven immediately summons a bubble shield around himself and Peridot. The mutants chase them until they are cornered, at which point the Crystal Gems come to save Steven and Peridot. While the Gems fight the mutants, Steven tries to explain to Peridot, again, why they need the help of the Crystal Gems. Peridot appears to think about it this time. After defeating the mutants, the Gems appear flustered as they question Steven and Peridot. Garnet begins to scold Steven, claiming that she told him to keep an eye on Peridot. Before Steven could defend himself, Peridot comes to his aid by informing the Gems that he did as he was told. Finally relenting, Peridot tells the Gems that she has made up her mind and that she will tell them about the Cluster.






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  • Before Steven corrected her, Peridot believed that Steven was "some kind of quartz" formed in Earth's Kindergarten.
  • Peridot asks Steven if he is from another planet in this episode. This confirms that Gems have used other planets for Gem cultivation.
  • This episode contains one of Katie Mitroff's favorite scenes she has ever drawn for the show.[4]
  • The Cluster's location.

    The episode ends without an iris close.
    • This could possibly be because the next episode, "Back to the Barn," takes off directly from the end.
  • Peridot's weakness without her Limb Enhancers is further shown as Steven could easily remove a panel she could barely budge.
    • Steven has occasionally displayed great strength he has inherited from his mother; most notably in "Arcade Mania" where he tears an arcade machine in half with his bare hands, and again in "The Return," where he punched Greg's glove compartment and the airbag deployed.
  • This episode aired on Cartoon Network's 23rd anniversary.

Cultural References

  • The title is most likely a reference to the phrase "when it rains, it pours." a signature slogan from the salt company, Morton Salt.
  • The promotional art by Lamar Abrams shows Peridot on a cloud with a smiley-face on it that is raining on Steven. The smiley-faced cloud is a reference to the smiley-face cloud that is always ridden by Lakitu, an enemy character from the Mario franchise.
  • Garnet forming a heart shape with her hands is a popular social hand gesture of love.
  • Steven's asking Peridot "What's up, Dot?" is a nod to "What's up, Doc?", the catchphrase commonly associated with the Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny.
  • Steven mentions "The Ballad of Rose and Greg," a probable send-up to the Beatles song "The Ballad of John and Yoko."
    • This is also the first time Steven mentions his parents by their first names.
  • Amethyst rolls up into a ball and bounces from cluster gem to cluster gem to defeat them, similar to Sonic's signature Homing Attack.
  • Garnet's electricity "bounces" on the ground before electrocuting the Cluster Gems similarly to Pikachu's Thunder Jolt from Super Smash Bros.


  • Peridot is still living in Steven's bathroom, as of "Catch and Release."
  • Peridot's limb enhancers, except for the one on her left foot, are still gone, due to Amethyst dropping them into the water surrounding the Galaxy Warp.
  • Peridot mentions that all her logs up to date 652, which she made in "Keeping it Together," still exist.
  • Peridot's surprise at Steven being a hybrid reinforces the concept that Steven is the first gem hybrid.
  • Peridot tries to walk down the Kindergarten walls as she did in "Keeping It Together" but fails because she doesn't have her limb enhancers.
  • This is the second time Garnet tells Steven she loves him. The first was in "Jail Break."
    • However, this time she says "I love you" instead of "we already love you."
  • This is the second time Garnet uses electricity in an offensive manner, the first being "Catch and Release."
    • This is the first time she uses her electrokinesis to poof a gem.
  • While Amethyst and Pearl get close to the Cluster Gems while fighting them, Garnet keeps her distance. She might still be scared/frightened by the fact that they are forced fusions.


Steven's t-shirt's layer error.

When It Rains 028.png
  • When Steven turns towards Peridot when she kicks the bathroom door open, the star on his shirt goes over the pot lid he's holding.
  • When Garnet makes a heart shape with her hands, her gloves aren't drawn on the inside of her middle fingers.
  • When Peridot is getting ready to step out into the rain, the light switch disappears from the scene. It then laters reappears when Steven comes back in.
  • When Peridot pushes Steven aside, he is standing. However, in the next scene, he is sitting down, appearing to have been pushed to the ground.
  • When the giant mouth cluster is poofed, its gemstone falls onto the ground. After Steven talks to Peridot, the gemstone is gone.
  • This episode is sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Feel the Storm" on Cartoon Network's schedule.


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