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Speaker Dialogue
[Episode starts with Garnet shouting at Peridot.]
Garnet *angrily knocking on door* Open the door, Peridot! If this Cluster is putting us in danger, you need to tell us what it is so we can stop it.
Peridot *muffled* NO! I hate you. I'm not telling you anything about the Cluster!
Amethyst *leans on Pearl's back* Oh, come on! Is it like a big...hunk of...granola?
Peridot *muffled* What's granola?
Pearl I'm sure it's not granola. Now Peridot, I'm sure we can reach some sort of agreement. Perhaps a trade is in order?
Peridot Oh, sure, why don't you just give me back my leg enhancments and my arm attatchments with my screen and my log and all my information! Oh wait, YOU DESTROYED THEM! So no, I DON'T THINK WE CAN REACH SOME SORT OF AGREEMENT!!
Crystal Gems *collective groan*
(Flushing is heard.)
Steven Okay Peridot, you can turn around now.
(Steven comes out of the bathroom.)
Steven *clears throat* Sorry for interrupting your interrogation.
Garnet Don't worry about it, Steven.
Pearl I swear, Peridot is gonna crack any second now!
Peridot I'll never crack for the likes of you, you... CRYSTAL CLODS! *laughter*
Garnet Hold on Pearl. If she's not going to be of any help, let's investigate this thing on our own.
Steven I'll come with you!
Garnet Sorry Steven, we're gonna need you to stay here and keep and eye on our... *adjusts her visor* guest.
Steven Really?!
Amethyst Yeah! Make sure she doesn't try anything.
Pearl Don't worry, she's harmless without her limb enhancers.
Peridot *muffled* I'M NOT HARMLESS!
Pearl Oh, hush up!
Garnet Oh! Steven, there's one more thing I have to mention.
Steven What is it?
Garnet *forms a heart shape near her chest with her hands* I love you. Bye!
Amethyst See ya later!
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl depart through the warp pad.)
Steven *blushes and waves* Hmm~
(Thunder is heard.)
Steven *stirring soup* *to Peridot* They left, you know. You can come out now.
Peridot No! I-I like it in here!
Steven Okay.
(Steven continues preparing stew, and looks out the window to notice the heavy storm.)
Steven *smiles* Wow, it's really coming down.
(Thunder strikes. Peridot kicks the bathroom door open and runs out, accidentally hitting a wall.)
Peridot It's happening!
Steven What?!
Peridot THE CLUSTER!!!!
Steven Really?!
Peridot What else could be making that horrible- *thunder* AHHHHH! It's pounding on the Earth from the inside! This is it, this is THE END OF THE WORLD! *cries and whimpers*
Steven Oh, that's just thunder!
Peridot What?
Steven Yeah, everything is fine, it's just thunder. It happens when it rains.
Peridot Uh huh.
Steven You don't know about rain?
Peridot ... I don't know anything without my screen.
Steven I-It's okay. Here, pretend this soup is the ocean. When the sun warms it up, water evaporates into clouds, like this steam. *opens the cooking pot, releasing steam from inside* But when the clouds get really heavy, it rains.
Peridot So, scalding liquid pours down from the sky?
Steven No, no i-it's just water, it can't hurt you. Here, *turns off stove* why don't I just show you?
(Steven runs outside and into the rain.)
Steven Woo-hoo!
Peridot *Watches Steven from the doorway* Steven, wait! Umm uhhmmm...
Steven COME ON! *laughs* Look, I'm okay, it's just water! This is just something that happens on Earth! Isn't it cool?! *laughs and falls into mud* WOOOAAAHHH! BWAH! *stands up, still laughing* YEAH! WWHHHOOOOHHHHHOOOO!
(Peridot reaches her hand out into rain, but pulls back when hit by a rain drop, then tries again and steps into rain.)
Steven YEAH YOU DID IT! What do you think? Isn't it cool? *laughs*
Peridot Cool...
Steven That was fun. Huh?
Peridot It was... something. Hmmm, ehhh hmmm. Sssteven..?
Steven Hm?
Peridot I'm going to say something. *takes a deep breath* Thank you.
Steven Uhh, what for?
Peridot For explaining this "rain" business to me. *Smiles*
Steven Oh, no problem. *giggles*
Peridot Yes, you're a much more intelligent creature than I initially thought.
Steven Um, that's... good?
Peridot Yes, much more useful than those... clods. STEVEN! I've made up my mind.
Steven About what exactly?
Peridot I've decided to share some... information with you!
Steven Aww, I know you use my tooth brush.
Peridot N-no... Well.. yes, but it's about the Cluster.
Steven *gasp* You cracked!
Peridot I haven't cracked!
Steven Wait you have to tell the Crystal Gems, they need to know this.
Peridot No! I don't want to talk to them! You're the only one I need! I can show you now, but I have nothing! My arm attachments, my fingers, my screen, my log, it's all gooone! But all of my logs up to date 6-5-2 still exist, backed up in Facet Five of the Prime Kindergarten!
Steven You want me to take you to the Kindergarten? I don't know, uh...
Peridot Steven, don't you want to know about the Cluster?
Steven Hmm... okay. We can go to the Kindergarten.
Peridot Ahh, eee, YES!
Steven Bu-u-t-
Peridot No... a catch. Fine! What are your demands?
Steven You're gonna to have to hold my hand the whole time. *Steven giggles*
(Steven and Peridot warp to the Kindergarten.)
Steven Welp, here we are.
Peridot Okay, great! Let's go.
(Steven and Peridot fall off the edge of the platform and scream.)
(Both of them hit the ground and Steven holds onto Peridot's hand.)
Steven This place just gets worse every time I come here.
Peridot I know. It's been so poorly managed. It must have been in way better shape when you first emerged.
Steven Emerged?
Peridot Yeah, you're some kind of quartz, right? *The two stop walking* You must have been made here.
Steven Uh... I came from my mom and dad.
Peridot Are those some kind of rocks? Or another planet?
Steven *chuckles* Nope. My dad is from Earth, but my mom's a Gem. *Shows Peridot his Gem*
Peridot You're some sort of... hybrid? How is that possible?
Steven The answer to that is a story I like to call, "The Ballad of Rose and Greg".
Peridot I don't care. Let's just hurry to the control room. *The two start walking again*
Steven You sure this is safe? The last time I was here, there were a bunch of fusion monsters.
Peridot Yes, I was checking their progress.
Steven What's the deal with those things?
[Trans. Entrance to Prime Kindergarten Control Room]
Peridot When it became clear that the Earth was no longer a viable colony, Homeworld decided to use it for something else—a series of experiments. A gem geo-weapon.
Steven Oh, did you help?
Peridot Negative. I wasn't lucky enough to be around for that. *points to herself* But I read over a few hundred years of reports. *chuckles*
Steven This is where you need to be, right?
Peridot Yes. I'm going to have to remove this panel and do a bit of work to restore power to this room, sooo... can I have my hand back now?
Steven Okay, but stay where I can see you.
(The panel beeps, Peridot grunts and strains but cannot lift it.)
Peridot It's over... I can't show you anything. Let's go back.
Steven Mind if I try?
Peridot Go ahead, knock yourself out. *looks away*
(Steven pulls away the panel with ease.)
Peridot Whoa!
Steven There you go!
Peridot Alright. (She begins rummaging around in the controls behind the panel.) This over here...
(The Control Room regains power.)
Peridot It's not perfect, but it'll do for now.
(Steven drops the panel and Peridot groans as she can't reach the gem pedestal.)
Peridot Come on!
Steven What's up, 'dot?
Peridot I can't quite reach the--
(Steven picks up Peridot and puts her on his shoulders.)
Steven It's okay to ask for help, you know.
Peridot I had it.
(Peridot presses a button and the height of the structure reduces.)
(Peridot clears her throat, places her hand on the structure in the center. The structure begins to glow and a plethora of Gem Shards are shown on the room's screens.)
Peridot These are the early attempts at artificial fusion.
Steven *looks around* That's a lot of Gem Shards...
Peridot We were growing them here at this very site, but these were just prototypes for the final product.
(The screen projects a globe, a marker displayed around the east coast of North America.)
Peridot A singular, giant, artificial fusion, comprised of millions of Gem Shards. The Cluster.
Steven *seemingly tense* Peridot, you're saying... there's a giant, mutant Gem the size of the Earth under us right now?
Peridot *closes eyes and raises hand in rejection* Oh, no, when it forms, it'll be much, much bigger than the Earth. Right now, it lies dormant, incubating in the Earth's core, but when it emerges and takes its physical form, it will destroy the planet.
(The Earth is shown to grow large and pop, the Cluster forming its physical form. Steven stares at it with great concern.)
Peridot The prototypes are already emerging. The Cluster is next. If we can't get off this planet, we've got to stop the Cluster. *clenches fist*
(Steven starts sweating.)
Peridot *closes eyes and points matter-of-factly* I thought it'd be impossible, but now we have a chance.
Steven What is it?
Peridot *grabs Steven's shoulders and grins malevolently* It's you, Steven!
(Peridot and Steven go out of the control room to the Kindergarten.)
Peridot Now that you're filled in, we can get to work!
Steven Uhh, how am I supposed to help?
Peridot Well, you have all the information that we need about earth and it's erratic behavior. Put that together with my expansive knowledge of the cluster and we just might be able to stop it!
Steven No Peridot, I don't think you get it! Just because I know how clouds work doesn't mean I know how to stop a giant mutant in the center of the earth! Besides, the only reason that I know anything about clouds and rain is because my dad told me.
Peridot What are you talking about?
Steven I used to be really scared of thunderstorms, just like you. Then Dad explained how rain and all that stuff works, then I wasn't scared of rain anymore.
Peridot Well I'm sure you have other knowledge about how this planet works.
Steven Sure, but none of it's going to help us! If we want to stop this Cluster thing, we'll need help from the Crystal Gems.
Peridot I said I don't need them! Let's just warp me back to the bathroom or whatever you call it and we'll take care of this. If it looks really bad, then we can just ask this "Dad" for help, right?
Peridot Yikes! What was that?
Steven Oh no! Gem mutants! (Steven makes a bubble shield around himself and Peridot.)
(Gem mutants screech.)
Peridot Do something!
Steven I am doing something!
Peridot Something useful!!
Steven Uh... Let's run!
Peridot Over here!
Steven No, the other way!
Peridot No, not there!
Steven Let's run into this corner! Oh no!
Peridot We're cornered!
Both AAAAAHH!!! *Gem monster pounces on Steven's bubble*
Peridot Can't you destroy it?
Steven No, this is all I can do on my own! *Gem monster pushes down on the bubble*
Peridot Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... That's it, we are finished!
Garnet *off-screen* Hang on, Steven!
Steven It's the Gems!
(Pearl stabs the monsters as Amethyst smashes them and Garnet attacks the Gem mutant in front of Steven and Peridot.)
Steven *determined* Peridot, there's no way we can stop this thing in the Earth on our own. We need the help of the Crystal Gems.
Pearl *worried* Steven! Are you alright?
Peridot Move aside, Steven. *Pushes Steven aside*
Amethyst Peridot?
Pearl What are you two doing here?
Garnet Steven, I thought I told you to keep an eye on her.
Steven I know, but--
Peridot *reluctant* He did what he was told. *Peridot gazes at Steven, then back at the Crystal Gems* Alright, listen up you clo- nyargh - Crystal Gems! I've made up my mind. I have something to tell you about the Cluster.

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