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"Winter Forecast" is the 42nd episode of the first season in Steven Universe, and the 42nd episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven has to get Connie home before it snows.[2]


Winter Forecast 016.png

The episode starts with Steven and Connie sitting around the fire. Steven is roasting some marshmallows when Dr. Maheswaran calls Connie and asks if she has checked the weather yet, but Connie tells that Steven is still grounded from television (as of "Fusion Cuisine") and she understands, but she orders her to come home due to a snowstorm heading towards Beach City. Steven is sad that Connie cannot sleepover to watch the snowfall with him and tries to get her to stay. Garnet confirms with her future vision that it is definitely going to snow, but Steven wants to stay so he can show Connie a video online. Garnet says that he needs to make "the right choice" and kisses Steven on the forehead.

Winter Forecast 123.png

Later on, Steven and Connie are playing in the snow by "It's a Wash" when Greg comes to say they need to go. Steven doesn't want to and in an effort to stall informs Greg that his shirt does not make him look like a responsible parent. Wanting to maintain his image as a responsible parent to the Maheswarans, Greg tries on another, but Steven says that that one doesn't look good either. As Steven is stalling for time so he and Connie can play more, Greg tries on more outfits and eventually decides on a white and blue striped shirt with high flats and star rings on the back. They start driving but spin out of control on the ice. They decide to walk from then on. When they get to the Maheswaran Residence, Connie's parents are outraged about how late it is and are even more enraged when Connie sneezes. Greg then mentions that they crashed the van, angering Connie's father as he goes to set up the pull-out couch so that they can stay for the night. Steven notices the star pattern on Greg's shirt starts glowing and changing colors. Steven gets a headache.

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Steven wakes to find out that they just crashed the van, and is confused why he is here, at this time. Greg then suggests that they walk to Connie's house to get her home, but Steven suggests that they just stay in the van for the night, trying to avoid the incident that had happened previously. They agree and start to eat some waffle-egg sandwiches when Mr. Maheswaran calls to tell them that he is coming for Connie and to stay where they are. Steven then sees headlights and watches as Mr. Maheswaran swirls out of control on the snow and then accidentally rams his car into the van.

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Steven then appears at "It's A Wash" again, still screaming from when the car hit the van. He is very confused about what is happening and tells Connie about it when Greg says that they need to get to Connie's house to beat the snow. Steven tells Greg and Connie that bad things will happen if they leave Beach City. Steven then grabs Connie's wrist and they start running back to the temple. When they get inside, they find Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst sitting around the warp pad, hovering the Shooting Star above it. They are trying to warp it to the Galaxy Warp to destroy it without warping themselves, requiring their full concentration. They then notice Steven and Connie standing there and Pearl loses her concentration, letting the Shooting Star touch the warp pad and explode.

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Steven then appears back to when Garnet kissed him and asks what happened. Garnet said that she had passed her future vision on to Steven for just a moment, letting him see what would happen if they didn't leave this instant. Steven then makes the "right choice" and they head for Connie's house immediately and make it there safely and on time. Connie's parents are happy she is home and suggest that Steven and Greg stay the night, instead of having to drive home in the bad weather.

Later that night, Steven wakes up to find Connie creeping downstairs, and they sit together to watch the snowfall like they wanted to do earlier in the episode.






Instrumental Songs


  • Doug Maheswaran has a car resembling a Volvo of the early 200 series. These cars are somewhat commonly used by young people to (illegally and intentionally) cause the car to slide on icy patches & snow and play around with during the winter months in Sweden.

Cultural References

  • Connie is shown to know some Japanese, as she says "Itadakimasu"(いただきます), a phrase often translated as "I humbly receive." It is used to demonstrate one's gratefulness when receiving physical things and is stated before meals in Japan.
  • Steven wanted to show Connie a video on TubeTube. This is a reference to the popular video streaming site, YouTube.
  • At the beginning of the episode, there is a bottle on top of the kitchen cabinet that resembles a Lon Lon Milk Bottle from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


  • The waffle iron from "Laser Light Cannon" is seen cooking eggs.
  • Garnet's Future Vision is mentioned and temporarily transferred to Steven.
  • Greg's relations with the Maheswarans are still intact since "Fusion Cuisine".
  • This episode shows that Steven actually is grounded from watching TV for one thousand years in "Fusion Cuisine".
  • Steven pointed out the sweater Greg wore at dinner in "Fusion Cuisine".
  • Despite the setbacks seen in "Monster Buddies", the Crystal Gems were ultimately successful in obtaining the Shooting Star as they were now planning to use it to destroy the Galaxy Warp and prevent the Homeworld Gems from returning.
    • In "Marble Madness", Peridot confirms that they were successful in deploying the Shooting Star to destroy or at least render the Galaxy Warp inactive in the current timeline.


  • After Connie laughs from hitting Steven with a snowball, when the camera shifts back to Steven, the background shifts slightly behind them, even though Steven and Connie stay in place on the screen.
  • As the Camera angle rotates around Garnet and Steven just before she kisses him on the forehead, Connie disappears from the shot behind them.
  • The waffle iron disappears after the camera pans to Steven asking Connie if she had any song requests for him.
  • Greg's suit changes in between the frames.
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