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This is a transcribed copy of "Winter Forecast". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open int. Beach House]
(Steven and Connie are sitting by the fireplace, while Steven is roasting marshmallows on a stick.)
Steven Mmm... You're roasting good! *withdraws a roasted marshmallow away from the fire* And... *blows at the marshmallow and eats it*
Connie Good job not setting that one on fire.
Steven Mm-hmm. What is it about marshmallows that make them so... good?
Connie It's probably the animal by-product.
Steven *slightly disgusted* You mean like... poop?
Connie *picks up a marshmallow* No. Stuff like hooves, bone marrow, collagen... *eats it* and lots of sugar and corn syrup.
Steven *yells* Corn Sugar!
Connie *yells* Sugar syrup! *shoves a handful of marshmallows into her mouth* Mmm! Bone marrow!
(Steven and Connie laugh together, when Connie's cellphone rings.)
Connie *picks up the phone* Hello?
Dr. Maheswaran *over the phone phone* Have you been watching World Weather News?
Connie Um... no. *swallows the marshmallows in her mouth* Steven's still grounded from watching TV.
Dr. Maheswaran I see. Well, there's a snowstorm on its way to Beach City, and I don't want you getting snowed in. You need to get a ride home this instant. Otherwise your father is gonna try to pick you up.
Connie *gets worried* Oh no. Don't send Dad. I'll be home soon. *hangs up her phone* Looks like I gotta get going.
Steven *mouth full of marshmallows* Oh, no...
Connie There's a snowstorm coming through, and my parents don't want me getting stuck here.
Steven *swallows his marshmallows* Man! That stinks!
Connie *sighs* Wouldn't it be fun if we got snowed in together?
Steven *gasps* We could stay up all night and watch the snow fall!
(Steven and Connie smile at each other. The Gem then walks into the house from the Crystal Temple.)
Garnet Hello, you two.
Steven & Connie Hi, Garnet.
Pearl You all having a nice time?
Steven *walks over with Connie* Yeah, but Connie has to go soon. There's a snowstorm-a-comin'.
Connie Maybe the storm will miss us. Sometimes the forecast is completely wrong.
Garnet Nope. It's definitely going to snow.
Amethyst *makes a rap gesture* That's the 411, yo.
Garnet Trust.
Steven *gasps and whispers to Connie* Garnet has future vision.
Garnet You kids better get yourselves to Greg's.
Steven Wait! We can't go yet. *turns to Connie* I've got to show you this TubeTube video really quick.
Garnet Steven.
Steven It's only, like, one minute long.
Garnet *walks over and kneels in front of Steven* I know you don't want to go, but you have to make the right choice. *kisses him on the forehead* Mwah!
Steven *blushes and giggles, holding his forehead* That tickles!
[Trans. Ext. It's A Wash]
(Steven and Connie arrive at Greg's car wash, when it begins to snow.)
Steven *watching the snow fall* Wow! *gets pelted in the head by a snowball* Aah!
Connie *laughs* Gotcha, Steven!
(Steven and Connie laugh together as Steven wipes the snowball off his head.)
Greg Come on, kids. We got to go if we're gonna beat the storm. I'll start the van. *twirls his car keys* ♫ Carabeena~ Carabeena~ ♫
Steven Aw, do we got to go?
Greg Yes. The Maheswarans think I'm a responsible parent, and I've got to maintain that image.
Connie *sighs* Guess this is it.
Steven Well, Dad. *grabs Connie and smushes a snowball into her face, causing her to giggle* If you want to look responsible, you should probably change out of that sweatsuit.
Greg But it's cherries. Everybody likes cherries. I'm a cherry man! *pauses* Okay, I see your point. Just give me a second to change. *walks to the back of his van*
Connie *whispering* Steven, are you procrastinating?
Steven *whispers back* Nah. I'm just killing time.
Greg *rummages through a clothing pile in the back of his van and pulls out a dark green turtleneck sweater* Aha! You can practically smell the responsibility.
Steven Isn't that the turtleneck you wore the first time you met them? They're gonna think you only have one fancy shirt.
Greg ... I do only have one fancy shirt.
Steven Don't worry, Dad. We'll help you find the perfect, most responsible outfit.
Greg I don't know. I haven't worn any of this stuff in years.
(Time passes by as Greg trying on various outfits, while Steven and Connie goof around in the snow. Whenever Greg comes out of the van with a new outfit, Steven and Connie stop playing and shake their heads in disagreement, forcing Greg back into the van to change. He eventually comes out of the van wearing a disco outfit.)
Greg Okay, how about this one?
Steven ... I can't lie. That is the best outfit I've ever seen.
Greg Okay-great-let's-go!
(Steven and Connie get into the van and Greg starts driving off. The group watch as snow begins to cover the windshield.)
Greg Holy moly! *turns on the car heater and windshield wipers* That snow is really coming down!
(The van rolls over a patch of ice, causing it to skid wildly on the road. The group starts screaming as the van spins out of control and the snow constantly covers the windshield, despite the wipers. The van eventually crashes into a snowbank on the side of the road. The group quickly catch their breath.)
Connie W-what are we gonna do?
Greg Uhh... I guess we'll have to walk.
Steven & Connie WHAT?!
Greg A responsible parent doesn't let two kids strand themselves in a van in the middle of nowhere.
(The group starts treading through the thick snow and strong snowstorm.)
Greg *strained yelling* A responsible parent escorts those kids through wind, sleet, and snow to avoid making the other parent angry!
[Trans. Ext. Connie's house]
(The group eventually arrive at Connie's house. They rapidly knock on the door and ring the doorbell till Dr. and Mr. Maheswaran open the door, greeting a violently shivering Greg, Steven, and Connie.)
Connie H-hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
Steven H-hello, Dr. and Mr. Maheswaran.
Greg Sorry we're late.
(Connie's parents stare blankly as Steven, Connie and Greg step into the house.)
Connie Mom, Dad... *chuckles nervously* ... You remember Mr. Universe and Ste—
Dr. Maheswaran *yells* Do you have any idea what time it is?!
Mr. Maheswaran *yells* Why are the children blue?!
Dr. Maheswaran What are you do— (Connie lets out a single sneeze and looks at her mom nervously.) ... She's sick! *grabs Connie by the arm* You're going straight to bed, young lady! *drags her away* That's the last time I let you out during flu season.
Mr. Maheswaran *crosses his arms* I think you know where the door is. Since you're... standing in it.
Greg Uhh, I kind of crashed my ride.
Mr. Maheswaran Are you serious?!
Greg *timidly* Yes... ?
Mr. Maheswaran *groans* I'll go set up the pull-out couch. *walks away*
Greg Uhh... okay. So much for being responsible. *starts stroking and squeezing his hair dry* Maybe I should have worn the floral print.
(Steven stares ahead intently and gazes upon the trippy blue pattern on the back of Greg's disco outfit. Slowly, the blue pattern morphs into hypnotizing swirls, as Steven begins to sweat nervously and holds his head in anxiety.)
[Trans. Int. Greg's van, earlier that day]
(The tires screech as the van crashes again. Steven slowly wakes up as Connie and Greg catch their breath.)
Greg Is everyone okay?
Connie Yeah.
Steven *looks around, dazed* W-wait... What— W-what happened?
Greg We wiped out.
Steven No, I mean, why are we in the van?
Greg You're right. We gotta get out there and start walking if we wanna get Connie home.
Steven Dad! No! We should stay put. It'll be way safer this way.
Connie My parents are all about safety.
Greg Heh. They can't argue with safety.
Steven It'll be like camping!
Connie But in cozy bucket seats!
(Time passes by as the van slowly becomes more and more covered in the snowstorm. Greg cracks an egg over a waffle maker in the back of the van, and it sizzles as it cooks.)
Connie Thanks for dinner, Mr. Universe. Itadakimasu! *begins to eat an egg waffle*
Steven *grabs Greg's nearby guitar and begins to strum* Any requests?
Connie Hmm. Let's hear a song about... a snack monster! That loves... animal by-products! Om-nom-nom! (Connie shoves her whole waffle into her mouth, causing Steven to laugh, when her cellphone begins to ring again. She then picks it up.) Hello?
Mr. Maheswaran Connie, are you still at Steven Universe's house? I'm on my way.
Connie Dad, no! You know how bad you are at driving in the snow! It's way too rough out here!
Mr. Maheswaran I'm almost at Beach City, so start putting on your shoes.
(Greg and Steven return back to their seats and turns back on the windshield wipers.)
Steven I see some headlights. Is that him?
(An engine revs as Mr. Maheswaran's car pulls around the corner.)
Mr. Maheswaran Don't worry. I got it this time. Oh, wait. (The car begins to swerve a bit.) Ooh! Aaaaah!
Connie Dad, stop the car! You're right in front of us!
*horn blaring*
Mr. Maheswaran I-I got it! I got it! I— (The car begins to swerve in circles, mere feet from the parked van.) Ooh! Aah! I- I don't got it! (The car picks up speed, heading right for the van.) I don't have anything!
(Mr. Maheswaran's car smashes into the van, and the hypnotizing blue swirls Steven previously saw makes a reappearance.)
[Trans. Ext. It's A Wash!, earlier that day]
(Steven gets hit in the head by a snowball and screams in panic. He turns around and glares around Connie.)
Connie Woah. Sorry, Steven. Are you okay?
Steven Connie, what's going on?! Everything keeps repeating!
Greg Hey, come on, kids. We got to go if we're gonna beat the storm. I'll start the van. *twirls his car keys* ♫ Carabeena~ Carabeena~ ♫
(Steven snatches Greg's car keys.)
Greg Hey! What the—??
(Steven tosses them into a nearby snowbank.)
Greg My keys! I'm not gonna find those till spring!
Steven *grabs Connie's arm and begins to pull her away* Come on, Connie!
Connie What?
Greg Hey!
Steven Let's go back to my place.
Connie But my parents—
Steven *abruptly stops and grabs onto Connie's shoulders* No, Connie! You have to listen to me! If we leave Beach City, bad things are gonna happen! I've seen it! Bad things! Several bad things! *glares at her intently*
Connie Um... okay. Let me just call my mom and tell her.
(Steven and Connie are still running towards Steven's home.)
Connie Mom, this is Connie. I'm staying at Steven's overnight.
Dr. Maheswaran Oh, no, you're not, young lady!
Connie But... Mom!
Dr. Maheswaran You're coming home right now!
Steven *snatches Connie's phone* Dr. Maheswaran, you can't let your husband leave the house! He can't drive in the snow!
Mr. Maheswaran *in the background* What? Y-Yes, I can!
Steven Please, trust me! *tosses Connie's phone into the snow and screams*
Connie Hey!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven and Connie returns back to the beach house, where they find the Gems sitting in a triangle around the Warp Pad, levitating the Shooting Star in the center of them.)
Garnet Hold it steady. We have to send this to the Galaxy Warp without warping ourselves.
Pearl This is too risky.
Amethyst No, it's not. Get over it.
Pearl If the Shooting Star goes off mid-warp, it could explode forever in Warp Space. And even if we do manage to destroy the entire Galaxy Warp, they could still find another way to get here.
Steven Uhh, watcha doing'?
Pearl Steven?!
Garnet Pearl! No!
(Pearl loses focus and pulls her hand away in shock. Everyone scream as the Shooting Star stops levitating and touches the warp pad, exploding and destroying the whole place. The blue hypnotizing pattern flashes again.)
[Trans. Int. Beach House, earlier that day]
Garnet *kisses Steven on the forehead* Mwah.
Steven Uhhhh... What? Garnet, what happened?
Garnet I passed my ability to you for just a moment.
Steven You mean... I had future visions?
Garnet Tell me what you saw.
Steven I saw... some good things, but mostly bad things.
Garnet And now you can make the right choice.
Steven Hmm! Connie, we have to go right this instant. *grabs Connie's hand and runs out of the house*
[Trans. Ext. It's a Wash!]
(Steven and Connie arrive at Greg's car wash, when it begins to snow. Greg is already waiting there by his van.)
Greg Would you look at this? An entire inch of snow.
Steven Dad, there's no time! We got to go now!
Greg Wha-huh?
(Steven and Connie drags Greg into his van and he starts driving off. The van drives on the road with no hazards, and arrives in front of Connie's house safely. Dr. and Mr. Maheswaran open the house door to greet them as Connie run forth to hug them.)
Dr. Maheswaran Connie! Oh, thank goodness you're safe.
Mr. Maheswaran Nice sweatshirt, Greg.
Greg Oh, thanks. *puts a hand on Steven's shoulder and gazes at him proudly*
Steven Well, we better get going. Bye, Connie. Sorry we can't stay and watch the snow.
Connie Yeah.
Mr. Maheswaran It's starting to get pretty bad out there. I don't know if you Universes should be driving in this weather.
Dr. Maheswaran Why don't you both stay here tonight?
Steven & Greg *gasps* Really?!
Connie Wow, Mom. That's... really cool.
Dr. Maheswaran It's... just safer that way. We Maheswarans are all about safety.
Mr. Maheswaran I'll make up the couch.
Greg A couch?! Ooh là là! *runs into the house* Château Maheswaran!
(Steven and Connie look at each other in excitement.)
[Time Skip — Night time]
(Greg is sleeping and snoring on a couch, while Steven sleeps on a different couch. Steven hears footsteps and slowly opens his eyes, noticing Connie standing at the bottom of the stairs. She sneaks over and sits besides Steven's couch, and the pair silently watch the snow fall outside the window.)

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