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Season 2

This is the Yellow Diamond Control Room.

—"Message Received"

That's no excuse to use the Direct Diamond Communication Channel!

—"Message Received"

Y-Yes my Diamond?

—"Message Received"

Season 4

Yes, my Diamond! Ahem. Ahem!

—"That Will Be All"

♫ What's the use of feeling?
What's the use of feeling?
What's the use of feeling, Blue? ♫

—"That Will Be All"

Season 5

All rise for the luminous Yellow Diamond!

—"The Trial"

Have a nice extraction, Pink Lasagna!


What is... ffffun?

—"Together Alone"

Hmm... Not bad. *hands the screen back to Blue Pearl* Try a different angle. *poses elegantly*

—"Together Alone"

Everyone, behold! The daunting, beauty and elegance that is, Yellow Diamond!

—"Together Alone"

Steven Universe: The Movie

Your time is up anyway.

Steven Universe: The Movie

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