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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. The Sun Incinerator]
(The Sun Incinerator is seen drifting through space, its thrusters flickering. Lars is sitting in the captain's chair and the Off Colors are at their respective stations.)
Lars Captain's log. Star date, uh... Thursday. Space... is really big. Everything is messed up. Our nova thrusters are busted. And getting home is taking forever.
Rhodonite *turns to Lars* Hey, Captain? Should we be writing this down?
Lars Uh, yeah!-
(Suddenly, Steven emerges from Lars' hair with a sub sandwich.)
Steven Who wants a party sub!?
Rhodonite What exactly are we celebrating?
Steven You guys beat Emerald. And you rescued me and Connie from the Jungle Moon. And you have this super fast ship, so you'll be back on Earth in no time.
Lars It's only super fast when it works! *snatches the sandwich from Steven*
Fluorite *emerging from the engine room* Captain Lars... I've finished... rerouting...
Lars Power from the gravity engine to the nova thrusters? Great! Twins, floor it on the thrusters!
Rutile Twins Right away, Captain! Yes, Captain!
(The Rutile Twins activate the nova thrusters and the ship begins to pick up speed briefly, when the thrusters falter and the ship's power goes out.)
Lars, Rhodonite, Rutile Twins & Fluorite Aww!...
Padparadscha Captain Lars, don't use the thrusters! We're going to lose power!
Lars *dejectedly* Thanks, Padparadscha.
Steven Hey... If we're going to be drifting a while, there's somebody I'd like you all to meet.
Lars *looks at his hair and groans* Are they bigger than that sandwich?
Steven Maybe a few pickles bigger.
Lars Bigger than you?
Steven I mean, they don't have to be.
Lars Fine. Bring 'em over.
(Steven jumps into Lars' hair, and shortly reemerges with Garnet, shapeshifted into Steven.)
Stevens Twins! *poses with Garnet*
Fluorite *surprised* Another... Steven?...
Lars There's more of you?!
(Garnet shapeshifts back to normal and the others gasp, catching a glimpse of Garnet's eyes before she adjusts her visor back into place.
Rutile Twins Her eyes. A fusion?
Padparadscha He's going to bring back another Steven!
Steven This is Garnet. She leads the Crystal Gems back on Earth.
Garnet Just look at you all! *walks up to and hugs Rhodonite* You must be Rhodonite - a Ruby and a Pearl? That must have been a story. *wraps her arm around Rhodonite and lowers her visor slightly* I want all the details.
Rhodonite *chuckles nervously* Ehh...
Garnet And you must be the Rutile Twins. *gasps and wraps her arms around the Rutile Twins* I've never seen anyone like you before.
Rutile Twins We were... made like this.
Garnet *walks up to Fluorite* Fluorite. Whoa... You're just, uh, beautiful.
(Fluorite blushes.)
Garnet *kneels in front of Padparadscha* And here's Padparadscha, an orange Sapphire. How rare.
Padparadscha I predict you're going to make everyone uncomfortable.
(Garnet, shocked, turns to look at the other Off Colors, who are all staring at the floor uneasily.)
Rhodonite It's not nice to make fun of us like that.
Steven Haven't you guys heard a compliment before?
Rutile Twins A what? What's that?
Steven You know, it's when someone says something nice about you.
Rhodonite Who would say nice things about Gems like us? We're completely inappropriate, and so are you. We should all be ashamed.
Garnet *puts her hand on Steven's shoulder* Aww, Steven. These Gems feel just like I did before I met Rose Quartz.
Rhononite & Rutile Twins Rose Quartz?!
Fluorite Rose... Quartz?!...
Rutile Twins You met Rose Quartz?! And you survived?
Steven You guys know about Rose?
Rhodonite She was the Anti-Gem; an organic beast that burst out of Earth's crust and vowed to destroy all Gems!
Rutile Twins No, no. She was made from a vein of hyper-defective Quartz. A malformed Quartz gone haywire!
Fluorite Don't... be... silly... Rose... Quartz... isn't... real...
Garnet You have it all wrong!
(Everyone stares at Garnet.)
Padparadscha Rose Quartz?!
Garnet Of course that's how they tell it on Homeworld. Come on, everyone. Let me tell you the story of the real Rose Quartz.
(A flashback begins as Garnet tells the origin of Rose Quartz. Silhouettes of the four Diamonds and a few of the planets they colonized are shown. A yellow, blue, or white diamond symbol appears on each planet and moon.)
Garnet It was Era 1. The Diamonds, unique in their flawlessness, sought to expand their perfection across the galaxy. And it was for this purpose that Pink Diamond chose her first colony, the planet Earth.
(Pink Diamond places her hand on Earth; a pink diamond appears on Earth and its moon, with cracks emanating from the symbol on the planet.)
Garnet On Earth, every Gem was made to serve Pink Diamond, each with a role to play in her world's perfect empire. In comparison to their creator, their existence was ordinary. They were life-forms only meant to fit their mold, and no one had ever dared to think otherwise. Until, there was Rose Quartz.
(A cross section of the Earth's surface is shown. Gems are injected into the surface one at a time, spiraling towards the center and culminating in Rose Quartz's appearance.)
Garnet In stature, she was no different than any other Quartz, and for a time, she did her best to carry out her Diamond's bidding. However, she began to take notice of her strange colony and the life that existed there.
(Rose was shown carrying rocks with other Quartzes. At some point, she tripped and took in the organic landscape around her.)
Garnet Curiosity turned to appreciation.
(Rose allowed a caterpillar to crawl onto her finger.)
Garnet Appreciation turned to fondness.
(Rose also allowed some birds to perch on her arms and hair.)
Garnet And fondness... turned to love.
(Rose danced with some humans and shared a kiss with one.)
Garnet Soon she was unable to keep her findings secret, and she began asking her fellow Gems if they knew of the life on Earth and what they made of it. She continued to pry her fellow Kindergartners with questions so odd that word of her eventually made its way to Pink Diamond.
(Rose Quartz spoke to other Gems about Earth and its beauty. One of the Gems approached Pink Diamond and informed her of Rose's words.)
Garnet Rose Quartz was summoned at once.
(Rose Quartz was brought in front of Pink Diamond, and Garnet narrates the conversation between the two.)
Pink Diamond "Quartz."
Garnet Began Pink Diamond,
Pink Diamond "What have you been saying down there?"
Rose "My Diamond."
Garnet Rose pleaded.
Rose "It has come to my attention that your colony, Earth, bears life. While I know these organic life-forms serve no purpose, I ask that we leave this planet and spare their lives."
Garnet Pink Diamond thought for a moment, and then laughed; a wicked, empty sound.
Pink Diamond *laughing* "You wish to save these life-forms at the expense of our own? Ha! Don't be absurd. Return to your post, and I will forget your insolence."
Garnet And with that, Rose Quartz was dragged back to her Kindergarten for duty.
(Rose was dragged away and continued working alongside the other Quartzes.)
Garnet Only Rose could no longer stand to continue aiding in the destruction of Earth. She had no choice. She had to fight.
(Rose stopped working and jumped into the air, changing her uniform into a dress before she destroyed an Injectors. She stood on the broken Injector and began rallying to the other Quartzes.)
Rose "Is this what you want: to inject?! to build?! I've seen the life that exists for itself, and it lives here. Will you destroy it, or will you join it?!"
Garnet Rose's message began to resonate, to Pink Diamond's dismay. Her colony was falling apart. So, like a coward, she called for her Diamond allies, Yellow and Blue, to help.
(Pink Diamond was shown on her throne frowning down upon her Gems. Pink cried out, and Yellow and Blue Diamond appeared above her.)
Garnet But Rose also found herself with allies, other Gems that were cast out for being wrong: a Pearl who belonged to no one... a Bismuth who built weapons for rebels instead of towers for tyrants... An entirely new fusion, for not power, but for love... And countless others, all inspired by Rose to live for ourselves on Earth.
(Pearl, Bismuth, and Garnet were shown in turn. The three Gems stood alongside Rose with numerous other Gems.)
Garnet She was our leader. And Earth was our precious home. And those who fought to save it became known as... the Crystal Gems!
(The Crystal Gems raised Rose's Battle Flag and their weapons, and the flashback pauses briefly)
Rhodonite Unbelievable.
Rutile Twins There were Gems like us?
Padparadscha Fighting.
Fluorite For... their... freedom?...
Garnet Yes, and we were fearless.
(The flashback resumes, back to Rose leading her army against Pink Diamond's.)
Garnet It was an impossible fight, but we fought anyway. And the more Gems who saw us, the more who joined. But Pink Diamond's forces proved too strong. Rose feared that soon she would have nothing left to protect.
(Rose observed her Crystal Gems suffering from the war, and eventually decided to confront Pink Diamond herself.)
Garnet Rose Quartz drew her rebel blade... and shattered Pink Diamond, saving the Earth for all time from her reign of terror.
(Rose appeared before Pink in her palanquin and shattered the Diamond with her sword. The flashback pauses again, as the Off Colors cheer in triumph.)
Rutile Twins Wow! That's incredible! I don't believe it!
Lars *to Steven* Your mom did all that? That's awesome!
Rhodonite Wait. What about the rest? What happened after that?
(Steven and Garnet exchanges worried looks with each other, and Garnet continues the tale, resuming the flashback.)
Garnet The other Diamonds were furious. In a last-ditch attempt to wipe out the Rebellion, the Diamonds launched a direct attack against Earth, and in their fury, they used their powers to end the fighting once and for all.
(The three remaining Diamonds held out their hands at Earth. Their hands were glowing in their respective auras, creating three diamonds of light in the sky visible from the planet's surface. Rose quickly summoned a massive shield and pulled Pearl and Garnet behind cover. The light from the Diamonds intensified and engulfed the entire Earth. The flashback ends, and the Off Colors stare at the floor sadly.)
Padparadscha I predict this story won't have a happy ending.
Rutile Twins We were all told different stories. But they all ended the same way.
Fluorite With Rose Quartz... being... defeated...
Rhodonite This new version of the story is even worse! So she was great, and they beat her? What are we supposed to get out of this: that we can never win?!
Garnet We haven't yet, but we can. *takes off her visor* And we will. They said they annihilated Rose's rebellion, but here we are. They said they annihilated all of you on Homeworld, but here you are. They think they have us on the run, but they're the ones that are running from the truth. And the truth is we... are... everywhere!
Rhodonite But how many more of us can there be?
Steven Way more than you think! I was only on Homeworld for, like, an hour before I ran in to you guys. There must be Off Colors all over the place.
Garnet Rose used to say there was something about Earth; something that set Gems free. But it's not just Earth. Look at you. Love, freedom, it's universal. You all prove it every moment you live as yourselves. You can show everyone!
Fluorite We... can do that?..
Lars Not while we're floating out here like sitting ducks. Fluorite, let's take another look at that engine. *gets off his chair in determination*
Off Colors Yes! Okay! Yeah!
Fluorite Lars.
(Everyone heads down to the engine room. Lars and the Rutile Twins each work a panel in front of the engine, while the other Off Colors stand beside them. Garnet and Steven sit on the steps nearby.)
Rutile Twins Before we can activate the thrusters, we're going to need to restart the core.
Rhodonite How do we do that?
Lars We'll figure it out together.
Steven Hey, uh, Garnet? When Connie and I were stranded on the Jungle Moon, I- we, saw something... A vision... of... Pink Diamond.
Garnet Hmm.
Steven When Blue Diamond came to Earth, I had dreams where I saw through her eyes and I was crying her tears. If I'm having the same dreams about Pink Diamond, what if that means she's still out there?
Garnet She's gone, Steven. *puts her hand on Steven's back* Your mother made sure of that.
Steven But I felt such a strong connection. *leans on Garnet's leg*
Garnet *puts her hand on Steven's head* You have empathetic powers that other Gems don't have. You're unusual, Steven, like them, and like me. It's not something to fear. It's something to celebrate.
(Steven smiles at Garnet's reassurance. Meanwhile, the Off Colors are still having troubles reactivating the engine.)
Lars Come on, come on!
Rutile Twins Oh, strange. The core should have come online by now.
Padparadscha I predict that Captain Lars will be pressing the wrong button.
(The Off Colors turn to look at Lars.)
Lars Oh.
(Lars takes his hands off his control panel, and the ship's power is restored.)
Lars Yes! We did it!
(Everyone returns to the upper level and back to their respective stations.)
Steven Does that mean you can get back to Earth?
Fluorite Not... quite... The nova... thrusters... still... need... repairs...
Lars We can hit up the nearest colony for parts. Rhodonite, tell me there's one nearby.
Rhodonite Well, we aren't far from one of Yellow Diamond's asteroid mines. But that place will be crawling with Agates, Captain. It's incredibly dangerous.
Lars So are we. *holds his cape in front and poses* Let's show 'em!
(With the power back on, the Sun Incinerator embarks once again.)

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