These people are the descendants of humans brought here by Gems thousands of years ago. They've never seen the Earth before.

Greg Universe

Zoomans[1] (also spelled Zumans)[2] are the descendants of humans that were captured and sent to Pink Diamond's Zoo by Gems during Pink Diamond's reign on Earth.


The Zoomans are the descendants of various ethnic groups of humans from Earth. Many of them display gender neutral features. All Zoomans wear the standard attire of a blue vest, a long white loincloth held by a brown belt around the waist, and purple earrings used for communicating their daily routine. New members (such as Greg) wear flowers in their hair.


Living inside of the containment area, the Zoomans' needs are taken care of as they go through their daily routine each day. They live in happiness, not having a worry in the world due to their ignorance.

Daily Routine

Each of the Zoomans have earrings which contains a voice that guides them throughout the day. Different times are scheduled for different events, such as eating, playing (rolling on the ground, reaching for outer space), smelling flowers, swimming, and going to bed.

The Choosening

Occasionally, a special event is held inside of the Zoo titled "The Choosening". Only adult Zoomans take part in the event. Each of the Zoomans stand in a circle with a bright blue fire burning in the middle, and the voice selects two Zoomans. The chosen Zoomans then enter a relationship and reproduce in order to have a constant number of humans living in the Zoo.

Gem Interference

Whenever the utopian society is tarnished and chaos breaks loose among the Zoomans, the Amethyst Guards have to enter the containment area in order to calm down the Zoomans. The Amethysts act as therapists, listening to the Zoomans' issues and giving them advice. However, this has only happened twice: the first time being long ago and the second at the end of "The Zoo".


According to Holly Blue Agate, Pink Diamond's Zoo has a human disposal chute set up, which shoots the dead bodies of humans out into space. It is unknown what the Zoomans think of death or if they are even aware of death.


Each of the Zoomans have a happy-go-lucky attitude, finding joy in every aspect of their caged lives. They are very enthusiastic about participating in the daily routine that the voice sets up for them.

The Zoomans are very ignorant. While they are aware of the walls at the borders of their dwelling, they do not seem to realize that they exist in captivity. Being happy is the only emotion that they understand, and they did not possess the knowledge to understand what "hurt" or "bad" meant until Greg hurt all of their feelings at once during a Choosening ceremony. Before Greg and Steven entered the Zoo, the Zoomans had no experience with self-determination, resulting in their despair when Greg "choosened" none of them.

Known Members



Wy-Six (also spelled Y-6) is one of the humans living in Pink Diamond's Zoo. He has fairly dark skin and long poofy black hair. He and Jay-Ten seem to be close friends and are the two Zoomans closest to Greg.

Because of the Zoomans being sheltered from aspects of society, he does not know of many common objects or emotions mentioned by Greg or Steven. He is confused at Steven's description of a door as an "opening wall," but hears Jay-Ten tell a story of a Gem helping a hurt Zooman after entering through an "opening wall." After Steven describes being "hurt" as feeling bad, Jay-Ten asks what "bad" is.

Later, after Greg explains that on Earth, people are "choosened" by their own free will, Wy-Six is the first to attempt "choosening" Greg. He instantly has an emotional reaction to being "rejected" by Greg, breaking down crying and apparently understanding the feeling of "hurt." After being heartbroken by Greg's rejection, he was seen crying and talking to an Amethyst guard about "never being choosened again," with the Amethyst's positive reassurance that he would.

He is voiced by Lamar Abrams.


Jay-Ten Render

Jay-Ten (also spelled J-10) is one of the humans living in Pink Diamond's Zoo. She has tan skin and long blonde hair. She and Wy-Six seem to be close friends and are the two Zoomans closest to Greg.

Because of the Zoomans being sheltered from aspects of society, she does not know of many common objects or emotions mentioned by Greg or Steven. She is confused at Greg's mentioning of a "door," only to remember and tell a story of a Gem helping a hurt Zooman after entering through an "opening wall." However, she does not know the meaning of "hurt."

Originally, she was "choosened" by the voice to be with Greg, but he declined. After he explains that on Earth, people are "choosened" by their own free will, Jay-Ten soon follows after Wy-Six by attempting to "choosen" Greg. After being heartbroken by Greg's rejection, she was seen being carried by an Amethyst guard while crying.

She is voiced by Cristina Vee.


The Zoo 162

U-12 is one of the humans living in Pink Diamond's Zoo. She has dark skin and black afro hair. During the matchmaking process of the "Choosening," U-12 was "choosened" by the "little voice" to be with F-3.

After being heartbroken by Greg's rejection, she is seen being carried by an Amethyst guard while crying.


The Zoo 163

F-3 is one of the humans living in Pink Diamond's Zoo. He has light skin and long blonde hair covering his eyes. During the matchmaking process of the "Choosening," F-3 was "choosened" by the "little voice" to be with U-12.

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